Get Facebook like Fan Box for Twitter thru WordPress Plugin

Facebook Fan box is really cool way to show your blog’s presence on facebook. In the same way, you can show your Twitter presence as well. If you want to have a fan box similar to Facebook for Twitter then you can get that by using a simple to use WordPress Plugin.

Here is the screenshot taken on one of my blog showing twitter follower box. You can customize the look and feel of the box by entering number of followers to show. Change the border color, background etc to make it suitable for your theme.

Twitter Follower Box : WordPress Plugin


What I feel after using this plugin is that if the developer can add Ajax effect on the “Follow me on Twitter”, then that will be perfect. Right now, the link will take your to my twitter page where you can select to follow.

Anyway, Thanks Sohail for developing this plugin. I am sure that lot many blogger cum Twitter users will embed this box on their blog.

Download Twitter Fans Plugin

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  • i uploaded the folder to wp-content/plugins but it doesn get detected in plugins how do i activate it

  • plugin doesn’t have a valid header when i upload the rar file ? using wordpress 2.9

  • Did u get the solution for my problem buddy …

  • Hi Siddanth,

    Sorry for the late response. Here is the solution for your problem.
    Please follow the below steps to include this plugin on your WordPress setup.

    1. Extract the RAR file
    2. Click on the extracted folder and go inside “twitter-fans”
    3. You will find two folders over there named “_MACOSX” and “twitter-fans”
    4. Copy twitter-fans folder from there and paste it on Desktop
    5. Now FTP that folder into the wp-content/plugins folder on your setup

    Now you can see Twitter Fans in Plugins Section of your WordPress admin panel. Let me know in case of any issues.

  • i did the same thing but it dint get detected

  • hey buddy,
    I just checked it on WordPress 2.9 and it worked fine. Did you clicked on the “All” tab on the top of the Plugin List page so that it will display the list of all plugins installed on your system (just for confirmation). Because sometimes “Active” tab set as default. If yes, then I will try to figure out the whether any issue with server..

  • yes i checked it on all also let me upload again and try again …

  • Cool, let me know whether that worked….

  • Its the same thing man ..donno why it’s not showing up

  • Finally did a differnt way dreamhost was not showing up did a net2ftp upload of zip file and decompressed it…thanks for help sanjeev

  • Chaitanya


    Is it possible to get the twitter fan box without plugin? Like for facebook fan box we have to give only the facebookid for the specific url. Is it possible for twitter?

  • Thank you, it must be! It has long been searching for just that!

  • Questions:
    1. How can I change the number follovers? Now they are 8, and must, for example, 10
    2. Can I change the size of avatars?

    Thanks again!