Instant Weekly Roundup : Third WP Plugin Release From Internet Techies

We are extremely happy to release Instant Weekly Roundup, another powerful Free WordPress Plugin from Internet Techies. As the name suggests, this plugin would definitely make the weekly roundups and wrap ups so easy that you would never feel those kind of posts a hectic activity every Monday. In fact, this plugin will bring you a roundup post for entire month or an year, whatever time span you specify. The most important fact about this plugin is, it is most simple and easy to use and cause no overhead to your blog posts.


Weekly roundups are very helpful, as all of us know as they keep our readers up to date and help them discover some missed posts from our blog. It also aids in building internal links. I am sure that many of us have different reasons to publish the roundup posts but whatever may be the reason, sometimes to go on picking the posts for such roundup activity becomes hectic, mostly for those who write lot many good posts! So, I am sure that if you also feel that weekly roundups can be fun activity, then this plugin is definitely going to help you. You can also call this a small tool on WordPress, rather that actual plugin.

Visit the plugin page for more details.

On Internet Techies, we have started publishing Monday Morning Readership, a weekly roundup post each Monday. The idea to write Instant Weekly Roundup came from the last Monday post, when Sanjeev was manually picking the posts and got a bit tired of that. We felt that if we had some tool to aid us generate this roundup without missing a single important post, it would be a treat! So we decided to do for all of us, the WordPress blogger community. And today, we are with it and hope that this tool would be beneficial for all others who want the roundup posts on their blog. Long live WordPress!

  • Now, This is a Too Good Plugin…. Simply great and much awaited

  • @Debajyoti Thanks a lot Debu for the compliments. I am glad that you liked the plugin, hope to get some initial feedbacks and inputs from you as well.

  • Looks like a good plugin!

    Will give it a go on my site this week and if all goes well I will give it a review on my blog!

  • I will definitely use this plugin in near future. Thanks

  • @David Thanks a lot for the compliments, Review on your blog will be great.

  • Sanjeev,
    Great Plugin, Lucky that I am the first user for this plugin.

    See this in action on

    More feature additions expected as we discussed

    Keep rocking
    Happy Diwali

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