RELEASE – Smooth Slider 2.2 with Multiple Slider Option

We were getting lot many requests for adding an option in Smooth Slider to show different slideshows on different pages/categories/posts etc. Today, we are pleased to release Smooth Slider 2.2 which is having Multiple Slider option. You can create multiple sliders thru Smooth Slider settings panel and show them on different posts/pages/categories etc.


Multiple Slider option will enable you to add different slideshows on different places like pages/categories/tags/posts on your blog. You can also add a slideshow on “Author’s” page to show some of his/her featured posts. There are some optimization done in database as well.

Checkout ‘How to create/use Multiple Sliders with Smooth Slider’.

Here is the complete change-log for version 2.2:

1.New – Multiple Sliders can now be created from the settings page. Post/Pages can be selectively put in the slider of your choice. Also, you could decide which post/page should display which slider (from the Edit Post/Page), though the page/single post template file contains regular Smooth Slider tag only.

2.New – Added an option to limit the content on the slider by ‘words’. Previously it was only with number of characters due to which sometimes for some posts the last word on the slider was shown broken. Now you can use any of the two, either limit content by number of characters or number of words

3.Fix – Fixed the issue with get_smooth_slider_cat tag. There was a bug when this tag was used for home page. Now it is working as per the specifications.

4.Fix – For using the custom images for navigation, there was an issue with ‘getimagesize’ php function for some servers. Removed this function and directly put options to specify the custom images height and width.

5.Fix – When the navigation numbers are used, there was some clicking issue, like the numbers needed to be double clicked in order to go to that slide number. This issue was observed with some installations of Smooth Slider (like on demo page). Hopefully this would get fixed with this release.

6.Fix – Changed the name of the database table from ’slider’ to ’smooth_slider’ in order to avoid probable database conflicts and be more specific.

Download Smooth Slider 2.2

Please let us know your feedbacks and inputs on this new release.

Wish you all a very happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • THE new features were kewl.. will add this once i complete tweaking my theme…

  • Thanks buddy,
    This new feature in Smooth Slider will help you creating a different look for each category with different sliders.

  • Fevzi

    Could you please give me some hint as to how I can use , for instance, 2 sliders on home page, each having different settings…
    When I say two different configuration or settings , I mean different modes(for example, as one is autosetepping, the other is stepped through clicking etc.)
    I tried to activate 2 sliders after changing the name of one, but I got fatal error. perhaps one needs to dig into the plugin and change some names and tables. But ı woulld like to know if there is an easy way.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful plugin anyway

  • Caballero

    is there any way to put the content text over the image in the slider?
    I’m waiting this feature!
    thanks a lot!!

  • Can you use the retain html tags feature to include youtube/vimeo videos in the slider? Have you done this? If anyone can explain more that would be great I am really looking for a slider that can include video and images. If this does not work is there another work around to include videos in the slider?

  • hey Sanjeev Mishra, the new slider is really great and easy to use, im just wondering if this plugin can be integrated on thesis theme?