RELEASED: Smooth Slider 2.1.2

There are lot many inputs coming in for Smooth Slider, our free Worpress Plugin to display featured posts in a descent manner on a fully customizable slider. All the suggestions are being accumulated and I am working on them one by one. So, this is a new version with some good suggestions and fixes covered. Please find  below the new features and fixes added in Smooth Slider version 2.1.2

1. New Feature – Added an option to change the transition speed between two slides. Now you can control the speed with which one slide slides off and another slides in.

2. New Feature – Added an option to enable the autostepping or autosliding or disable it.

3. Fixed – A blank slide appeared on the slider if the post which is in slider is deleted from wp-admin. Fixed the issue, now if the post which is also in slider is deleted, then it will also be removed from the slider, fixing the blank slide issue

4. Fixed – The scheduled or draft post placed into the slider will not appear on the actual slider. It will appear only in case when the post is published. This was a very good finding on the Smooth Slider review published by Serradinho on his blog. Thanks Serradinho for that.

5. Fixed – WPMU issue with get_smooth_slider_wpmu_all that the post permalinks direct to a wrong url, that represents the current blog only, though the posts are pulled from other blogs. This issue is fixed in this version of Smooth Slider.

Do keep on posting the suggestions and issues on Internet Techies Forum so that I can keep a track in a better way. I know, currently I have many to look after and implement in Smooth Slider, I am doing them one by one.

  • Seems like you are working hard to enhance your products. Will have to try this plugin in my upcoming blogs.

  • Thanks for the quick update and for linking to my plugin review. I think as you get more feedback, the plugin will become more popular.

  • neo

    nice..probably ill try it out and return back to u wen i find a bug or two.. if i can 😉

  • I love the plugin but would like it more if there were a widget we could use to place anywhere on the site or in sidebars. I’m not great at adding things to the editor as I have to mess with the coding so not sure what and where to put it. Just a suggestion that would help all of us.


  • I have installed this plugin & am running thesis theme. I have researched the net for various pieces ways to install this onto my theme. I have tried the piece of code that was ehre, and 3 other sites of stuff. The last one I tried killed my entire blog which I spent 2 hours trying to fix.

    I am a thesis novice and really not that familiar with ftp, etc. Can you tell me exactly what the heck piece of code I need to put into my stuff and also exactly where I need to place it. Someone mentioned some feature box openhook thing but I am clueless as to what to do.