10 Reasons To Replace WordPress Default Comment System With DISQUS

Disqus-logo DISQUS comment system is a new way of showing comments option on your blog with lot many features. In WordPress default comment system which you see on most of the sites contains Name, Email, Website and Comment boxes where anyone can enter a comment. But in Disqus you will find lot many additional features to provide user a very friendly, easy to use and beneficial environment. Here are some of the benefits of using Disqus on a blog,

1. Post Comment With Twitter, Facebook or OpenID

Most important feature of Disqus is that viewers can post a comment with their Twitter ID, Facebook ID, OpenID or Disqus ID. In any way there is  facility for posting comments using traditional way of Name, Email, Website input.


2. Give Maximum Exposure To Commentators

Those who will post a comment on your blog will get maximum exposure in way like their profile with details like recent comments, blog URL etc will be visible on a single click. Other visitors may land to their pages and know about their activities in recent times.

3. Create Community Of Your Blog

Once you will install Disqus on your blog, a community page will get created with URL as yourblogname.disqus.com where people can find post with excerpt from your blog and post comment from there only. Checkout clickonf5.disqus.com or you can also check mashable.disqus.com to know more about community page. disqus

4. Trackback Link Sharing

You can see an option to copy URL for trackbacks for a page in disqus comment section. This may help others to provide trackback to your blog.

5. No Need For CommentLuv Or Like Plug-in

As there is already so much exposure for commentators then you don’t need CommentLuv or any other plugin like that to show off other’s articles.

6. No Need For Spam Filter Plug-in Like Akismet

As Disqus is having internal installation of Akismet thru which they will filter spam posted on your blog. You just need to provide API Key of Your Akismet so that they can use that for filtering spam.

7. Comment Moderation Without Logging To Dashboard

Disqus is accessible from anywhere, you just need to login to discus.com with your disqus ID and then you can select your already listed blog from there. Start moderating comments from there only, you don’t need to login to your WordPress Dashboard for moderating comments or changing any setting for that.

8. Import Older Comments From Database To Disqus

If you are going to install Disqus on your blog today, then import your older comments as well so that you can also show off those comments in Disqus way. Go to the “Advance Option” available on top and then click on “Import” option to get all your comments from WordPress database to Disqus.

9. Show Social Media Reactions In Comments

You can show twits about your post and  Friendfeed, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube reactions. You can also show Video Comments from Seesmic to give comments section a new dimension.

10. Good Looking Comment Thread

Disqus is having three templates for showing comments and they are Regular, Narrow and Spacious and all of them are really nice. You can have a preview of these templates just above the template option so that you can check which one will suit your need.

Link For WordPress Plugin For Disqus Comment System

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  • Thank you for the tips and ideas you shared. You have great article. I’ll be back for more updates in website. Many thanks!

  • Looks like your no longer using disqus. Why did you move away?
    I’ve tried disqus,ID, and js-kit and right i’m using disqus.

  • Hi benwaynet, I was using Disqus on my blog for certain time period but then realized that It was taking so much time to load. I always prefer to server the content on ASAP and that’s why removed Disqus from my blog.

  • Are you using DISQUS here now (it doesn’t look like it)? If not, then why?

    Also, trackback URI seems to have gone missing on the DISQUS commenting system.

  • I am not able to view the RSS feed URL.Can you please help me?

  • Thanks for the information.I am using word press right now.I am in doubt whether should i continue with word press or disqus after reading the article.I will try disqus for sometime then i will decide.

  • I’ve used Disqus for a few months, then when I moved to WordPress I want to use the WordPress commenting system. Do you know how to export the old comments from Disqus to WordPress?

  • Zeb

    Thanks for the useful tips!

  • I like the post.

  • I’m not reading any more of this blog. I have to go and change to commenting system on all of my blogs old with the old in with Disqus.

    Thanks for the heads up

  • I’ve heard good and bad news about Disqus… so where is the truth?? I really want to know if its worth to use it on all of our sites.

  • Disqus is a nice piece of add-on for your blog. The features are great. I had used Disqus for a month in my personal blog but just like your problem, it really takes time to load. and I really hate to wait! Sure my audience also don’t want to wait. So I switch back to the default blog comment system. I am more of a minimalist now.


  • I tried Disqus but found it too slow to load. I’m sticking with WordPress for now.

  • It seems like you are not using DISQUS in this blog. I have used it for awhile but it seemed like it took longer time to load than the traditional WordPress comment box. I think the loading time is very important not only for the convenience of your readers but it also affects your blog’s Google ranking. But great post anyway.

  • Most people are resistant to Disqus becuase they have to go through another login even if it is done with Twitter. With the phising done with 3rd party twitter sites most people try and limit the number of social networking accounts they signup for.

  • I’m seeing more and more people go the DISQUS route – I’m not sure that one is better than the other, but I’m interested to hear and, I think a lot of others are as well, your opinion(s) on what you use, which you prefer, and why.

  • I love the look and feel of Disqus, but found it much slower than the traditional WordPress comment system since it has to load the data from an external source. If Disqus could be adjusted to load faster, I would feel more confident in suggesting it as a viable option to my customers looking to get a WordPress blog.

  • Loads instantly on my site on my site, not sure why all of you are having such issues. I really like Disqus, it looks cool and works awesome.

    But it isn’t slow on my end.. so i’m sticking with it for now.

  • I have used it for awhile but it seemed like it took longer time to load
    than the traditional WordPress comment box. I think the loading time is
    very important not only for the convenience of your readers but it also
    affects your blog’s Google ranking. But great post anyway.

  • I think Luv comment is the best because it gives backlinks to the
    commentators blogs or sites. I has moderation feature, you can choose
    which comments you want to put and which you don’t, users of Luv
    comments always try to give better comments because they seek backlinks.

  • can someone please clarify me the difference between love comments and disqus it will really appreciated.