Smooth Slider: Simple, Customizable And Search Engine Optimized Featured Posts Slideshow Plugin For WordPress

Internet Techies is pleased to release a Content Slider WordPress Plugin named “Smooth Slider” for  showing the featured posts in a decent manner on a slideshow. As you can see the title of this post, this is really a simple, decent and search engine optimized plugin thru which you can add a new look on your wordpress blog as well as highlight some of your posts to Search Engines to crawl faster and frequent.

Smooth Slider by Internet Techies Smooth Slider is JQuery based content slideshow generator thru which you can choose some of your posts as featured posts and show them into a slideshow on your blog’s home page (i.e. Index) as well as in Sidebar. Now we are done with the introduction for this latest plugin, take a look at its features in details:

1. Search Engine Optimized Slideshow

We at Internet techies always prefer Search Engine optimization ( SEO ) above anything else on our blog or any other website and following the same trend, the plugin Smooth Slider is developed on the same way. We have followed some really important Search engine Optimization techniques for this slideshow so that the texts visible on the slideshow will be visible to search engines as well. Title of each featured posts are in H2 tag and you can take the content of slideshow from excerpt, content or from a custom field where you can populate some important keywords as populated in description meta tag of the post on All in one SEO plugin.

Here is the screenshot of the home page of Internet Techies opened on text based browser “Lynx” which is popular because what you are seeing in Lynx is visible to Google or other search engines. There is no flash involved in this plugin.

Screenshot: Smooth Slider Slideshow On Lynx


You can see that texts from featured posts are visible which is beneficial for getting good indexed on Search Engines.

2. Fully Customizable CSS

Look is very important and that’s why we have provided fully customizable CSS for this plugin. You don’t need to know CSS for changing the look of your slideshow. All the options are available on Admin panel of the plugin which is present at the location “Setting / Smooth Slider” on your Dashboard. You can change the following components of the Slideshow from Admin panel,

2.1. Slider Box

2.2. Slider Title

2.3 Post Title

2.4. Thumbnail Image

2.5. Slider Content

Below is the screenshot of the Slideshow where you can see different components mentioned above,


3. Choose Posts as Featured Posts on Single Click

No need to create a category, No need to provide a tag. Just click on one checkbox on Edit window of your post located at the bottom and you are done. Now that particular post will appear on Featured Section and will be visible on Slideshow. Check the location of the “Checkbox” in the screenshots provided at the end of this post.

4. Simple but Decent Slideshow

We prefer simplicity and that’s why the plugin developed by us is also very simple but really decent. The slideshow will have Title, Content and Thumbnail Image. That’s it. Change the colour of slider box, content, title or you can also change the thumbnail image size. But overall looks of this slideshow will always remain decent.

5. Match Slideshow With WordPress Theme

Whatever wordpress theme you are using, doesn’t matter. You can embed the slideshow by activating this plugin and then customize the CSS to match with the colour of your theme. Whether your blog is on default theme or you are using thesis or other themes, this smooth slider slideshow will definitely add a new look to that.

6. No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS

To add this slideshow on your blog, you don’t need to have a knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS or any other language related to coding. Just activate the plugin and follow the usage section provided on the Plugin page.

7. Easy To Install Plugin

This plugin is very much handy and easy to install. Just download it from the location provided on Plugin page and then activate it. Details related to installation and usage of Smooth Slider is available on Smooth Slider page.

8. Full Support Available

As we have developed the plugin, We are offering full support of this plugin thru forum totally dedicated to Smooth Slider where you can ask different questions or discuss issues related with the plugin. Your feedbacks are always a source of inspiration for us and we are expecting that for this time as well.

How to make a post as Featured Post

To make a post a featured post, open that into Edit window and check the box “Add this post to Smooth Slider” which is located below the “Post Author and Revision”. Below is the screenshot of that,

featured_post_admin Now the post is selected for featured post.

Here are some screenshots from the Admin Panel of Smooth Slider Plugin,

Screenshot: Admin Panel Of Smooth Slider

Slider Box


Slider Title and Post Title


Thumbnail Image And Slider Content


You can visit the Plugin Page for details related to Overview, Installation, Changelog, Usage and go to link below to download Smooth Slider WordPress Plugin.

Download Smooth Slider

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • Smooth slider is the best plugin because it helps to show featured posts in small place.
    Even many other jQuery plugins are available for gliding the content.

  • @Surender Thanks for the feedback, I totally agree with you that bloggers can place this slideshow in small place or index as well. There are JQuery plugins for showing featured posts but the way Smooth Slider shows the post is really decent and simple. It really look good on professional blogs.

  • hey sanjeev, looking nice … will definitely try. looks useful than featured-content-gallery.

  • @Aery Thanks for your feedback. Smooth Slider is really decent, simple and fully customizable from settings page. No need to change CSS codes. Image can be placed anywhere depending on your choice whether left, right or on top of content. One can customize this slideshow without any knowledge of CSS.

  • Steff

    I totally love the plugin, but perhaps I cant get it to work as I want to? I have a magazine theme, and I wanted to place the plugin in each page, lets say one pagename is “health”, then I wanted the plugin to be in that page and view different articles about health, and in the next page, lets call it “food”, I wanted it to be at that page to, showing the articles about food. So – placed at the pages, showing different headlines, and when clicking on one headline in the plugin, I wanted to view the next article, but still staying under the same page, for example “health”. Is that possible? Thanks

  • @Steff Currently, we just have designed Smooth Slider to show the featured posts from the complete blog. But I just agree with your requirement, and I would definitely include some way to handle it in the upcoming release of the plugin, in couple of days.

  • Steff

    Ok, thanks for the fast answer! I will write the same question again within the next week, it would be so great if it was possible to use it like that!

    Thanks again

  • Great plugin! I just do not quite We also managed it will work without custom fields, if the image in the post is inserted through the media library?

  • there are many situations where I would not want to have the featured posts followed / indexed. (ie.. using it on pages or categories pages where the featured post content is not clearly related to the page content being displayed ) in those cases I would want to block that content. anyone know of a way to apply a nofollow tag or something to the smooth slider output? I would like to use the slider site wide to drive traffic to a specific section of my site, but now using featured posts on pages not directly related to the featured posts content dilutes the focus of the page from a SEO standpoint.

    For example I have a site on health issues
    Say for a couple of weeks I want to drive readers to my arthirtis pages, so my featured posts all deal with arthritis issues. but if I put the slider on my pages/posts related to back pain, it will add a significant amount of not related content to the page and content that will be given high priority by the Search engines. This would hurt the ranking for the specific keywords that the page on back pain was designed for.

    Any suggestions?

  • @watercrazed Got your suggestion, will try to include this option in the forthcoming release.

  • Sushant

    Thanks for this nice plugin. It works like a charm.

    I wonder if there is a way to select a particular category to be shown rather than going to individual posts and selecting them.

  • @Sushant Thanks for your compliments. Ya, that is a great suggestion. You would definitely see it live in next upgrade.

  • I’m looking for a similar plugin for Blogger. Could you help create one so Blogspot users could also avail the benefits of this cool plugin??

    Thanks in advance!


  • @Mansi Ya definitely Mansi, I will try, a bit different effort but still I liked your suggestion. After the next upgrade of Smooth Slider, I would give a try to implement it on Blogger. Thanks a lot for posting your suggestion.

  • Hi Sanjeev and Tejaswini how r u? You both have developed an awesome plugin, I like it and I will use your plugin in my all wordpress blogs….. and Tejaswini I’m waiting for your next plugin which will work not only in wordpress but also in bloggers, I know its a difficult task but try your best….. Keep It Up 🙂

  • Steff

    I totally love the plugin, but perhaps I cant get it to work as I want to? I have a magazine theme, and I wanted to place the plugin in each page, lets say one pagename is “health”, then I wanted the plugin to be in that page and view different articles about health, and in the next page, lets call it “food”, I wanted it to be at that page to, showing the articles about food. So – Is that possible? Thanks

  • Of course we can achieve your requirement easily on Smooth Slider 2.2. In Smooth Slider 2.2, we included “Multiple Slider” option thru which you can create different sliders as per your choice. Now you can show different slider on different pages. For example in your case, you can create a slider with posts on Foods, and show “Foods” slider on that page and again create another slider named “Health” and shows that slider on Health page. Here is the “Multiple Slider Tutorial” which will help you creating new sliders and attach them with different pages.

    Let me know in case of any issue/concern.

  • Steff

    Thanks for fast reply Sanjeev, I´ll try it out right away!

    Best regards


  • Steff

    Hi again,

    I have arranged the slider in my admin. I have attached 3 posts to the slider (but first I named the slider Food, because the articles in this slider shall be about Food, and be placed on the page Food. The posts didnt seam to understand to place themselfes in the slider, so I just told them “Add this post to Smooth Slider”. Might become a problem with my next slider?

    Still a bit unclear for me is:
    1. how do I get it to the page Food?
    2. How do I get the picture belonging to each post, my theme has a sort of Custom Settings Image, which the Smooth Slider doesnt seam to fetch the image from. Do I need to use Custom Fields or something?

    I really appreciate this plugin and are very hopeful that it will be what Im looking for. I need it to view the right posts/articles (Food, Organisation, Health, Savings etc, on the pages Food, Organisation, Health, Savings etc)

    My knowledge in .php are just about nothing which ofcourse is the problem here.

    Best regards


  • Hi Steff,

    Don’t worry. We can discuss the issue on Skye. My ID is “clickonf5”, you can add me and ping me when you are online.

  • Steff

    Hi again Sanjeev,

    Thanks for fast reply. I dont have skype/skye. Perhaps I can email you or something. Im continuing to get it to work now on the first page “Food”.

    I guess I place the Smooth Slider code in wordpress in – Apperence – Editor – (but then in wich of the .php “themefiles/files”, thats the question?=)

    And then to get the thumbnails/picture from each post/article, those are the 2 major questions for me.

    Thanks again

    Best regards


  • Hi Sanjeev,
    I tried a lot of these kind of plugins, but I had problems with almost everyone, until I discovered Smooth Slider.
    This plugin is like you said, decent and simple, but I like to add: Great!
    I’m trying it in my new theme, that it’s not online yet, but will be in a few days.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful plugin.


  • Saurabh

    Greetings ‘team’ smooth slider,
    Gr8 work
    This plugin works good on the preview page but when i paste code in index.php or header.php
    if ( function_exists( ‘get_smooth_slider’ ) ) {
    get_smooth_slider(); }

    nothing happens.
    Plz help

  • Romero

    hi… i have a small problem with it… slider works great with default theme but not with the custom theme i’m using… it just prints the posts one below another… 🙁 please help..

  • Michal

    Hi Sanjeev,
    nice work. Smooth slider looks very good. But i have issue with menu upon the slider.
    I have an invisible items in the menu when the menu overlaps with the slider. Please could you help me?

  • Went to install this cool looking plugin but WP installer says it’s good up to WP2.92.

    Planning the release of an upgrade for WP3.0?