WordPress 3.0 Scheduled To Release In May 2010

wordpress3_thumb WordPress Team is working on the new version i.e. 3.0 and as per the roadmap of releases, WordPress 3.0 is expected to release in May 2010. Current version i.e. WordPress 2.9 added cool features like image editing and video embed thru link and now WordPress 3.0 is coming up with lot many new features. We already talked about the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU (Multiple Users) system code. And there are lot many other new features expected to come with 3.0.

Here is the Release Roadmap for future versions of WordPress.

Release Roadmap – WordPress


New Features in WordPress 3.0

There are lot many changes and additions expected in WordPress 3.0. I checked out the Alpha version released a few weeks ago and also went thru the Trac and found below updates,

  • WordPress and WordPress MU Merge
  • A New Default Theme names TwentyTen (2010)
  • Custom Post Type
  • Menu Management
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Have Custom Password for Admin at the time of Installation

I learnt about some of the features written on net.tutsplus, and found them really useful. So as per the roadmap, WordPress 3.0 should come in next 30 – 60 days and you can start using that. Here is the current status of 3.0 development,


I hope that all the tickets will be closed by end of April or Mid May 2010 and team will release the beta version of 3.0 by first week of May 2010. Fingers Crossed.

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Update – WordPress 3.0 Stable Version is released and available to download or upgrade.

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  • Custom Post type looks good and finally they have come with creating User’s own password during installation. Many actually forget to copy the password generated by wordpress or change it after first login.

  • V.C

    They releases new version very often. WordPress has become the best platform in the internet.

  • We’re gonna get 2 great stuff in May, Worpress3.0 and Ubuntu 10.04.

  • Everytime there is a big release like this it takes forever for me to get all the plug ins working again.
    I hope they don’t change it to much. I like the older versions better.

  • Its June now, and I’m still waiting 🙁 Eagerly, impatiently at the point of installing the RC1 because I just want to run with it.

    Well, it sounds like its changed a lot. But there is no compulsion to upgrade if you like the older versions. They are secure and they work.

    I totally get what you mean by taking forever to get all the plugins working. Not to mention themes…