WP Smush.it WordPress Plugin For Image Optimization

Images plays vital role in blogging and that’s why we use lot many images on our blog. But at the same time images are the most bulky part of a post as well. If you want to serve your content on ASAP then you should optimize your images by removing unwanted information from them or by changing the image formats. Yahoo’s Smush.it is very much effective in image optimization, we had earlier discussed it in YSlow optimization technique. Now WordPress users can optimize the images on their media library i.e. server by using WP Smush.it plugin.Compress ImagesWP Smush.it is a free wordpress plugin to optimize the existing images or new uploaded images. It has the capability to convert the image format from GIF to PNG or remove the unwanted information from JPEG. This way it can reduce the image size by huge amount. Here are some of the features of WP Smush.it,

  • stripping meta data from JPEGs
  • optimizing JPEG compression
  • converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGs
  • stripping the un-used colors from indexed images

Screenshot: WP Smush.it in Media Library

WP Smush.it on Media Library Here you can see the compression ratio of the uncompressed and compressed images. This way you can calculate the saving of your host account space and load time of the image. To compress an image, go to the “Media Library” section from your WordPress Dashboard left panel “Media” section. Now select the image and click on “Smush.it now” to compress the image to optimum value.

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Please let us know your experience of using WP Smush.it on your blog.

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  • nice plugin..

  • @Rajesh Yes buddy, it is really a nice plugin for image optimization

  • The usability and sheer number of plugins to fit any type of blog is probably the number one reason why I love WordPress more than any other blogger platform out there.

  • Think you have been stealing blog post ideas from my comments section! Nice Post!

  • HI,

    Everytime I upload an image to WordPress media library, it uploads the image and says, “crunching”.

    Therefore why do you think I need this plugin?

  • @Yohan Crunching is a process where wordpress creates three different images :thumbnail, medium, and large for each upload. It also resizes images based on the options selected by you. It doesn’t optimize those images by compressing or something. Crunching is always a confusing word in WordPress, so you can use Smush.it for optimization.

  • I will check this out as I use a lot of images for my blog posts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Mishra. I learned the truth. There are some hiccups with the plug in’s functionality however. I will contact the plug in author and update you with solutions soon. Thanks for introducing this great work…

  • Hi,

    I’m looking for an image plugin that would prevent users from editing or even deleting other users’s images. Any idea where/if that exists?

    Thanks and great plugin you have here. I will give it a try!

  • Hi konisto, Thanks for your query. I think this type of restrictions can be achieved thru proper distribution of privilege. If your users are assigned with author authority level then they can’t edit or delete other user’s images. I will let you know if found any helpful plugin for authority level but still you can try that thru user panel.

  • Hi! thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately it is not true that the authority level influences the capability of editing/deleting other people’s images. try it out for yourself…. That’s a huge security bug… Not sure why nobody complains about this. Or am I doing something wrong?

    Let me know if you find something. I search and search but without success.

    Thank you!

  • Conrad

    Thanks for the info! Is it possible to compress all the images in the Media Library in one batch operation, rather than having to click each one?

  • I install it immediately

  • Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your post! It was well done. I “smushed” all my photos.



  • Time to give this nice plug-in a try. I have lots of images especially on my review posts, so it’d be great if this plug-in really does what it’s supposed to do