Alexa ranking is a matter of discussion between webmasters and whatever may come as conclusion, everyone wants good alexa ranking for their sites. For WordPress platform users, here is a plugin to improve the alexa ranking for a blog. Alexa ranking can be improved to certain limit by following some simple steps, and by installing this plugin, you can increase the chance of getting good alexa rank.

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WordPress users need to install “List Rank Dashboard Widget” plugin to showcase your current Alexa Rank on your blog. As it is said that if you show the Alexa widget on your blog, that may increase the rank of your blog on Alexa. My opinion is that, Alexa Toolbar installed on your Firefox browser is the best way to improve Alexa, but you may also try this method of improving Alexa Rank.

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This way you can improve the alexa rank of your site by just installing a WordPress plugin. Please remember that for newer site with Alexa rank in millions is easier to improve till 100K, but after that, you will have to come up with other ideas like installing Alexa Toolbar, Alexa Reviews and lots of contents.

Try this plugin and post your thoughts thru comments.

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