If you are a Google Chrome user and you love browsing the websites on this fantastic browser, then you would definitely like to try some cool Google Chrome extensions. In this article, I would like to introduce you to one light weight and very useful Google Chrome Extension. If you do have your own website or if you are keen to know the SEO status of your favorite websites that you regularly browse, try SEO Status Pagerank and Alexa Toolbar Google Chrome extension. It is not a toolbar, as the name makes it look. When installed, it just puts one very small icon on the top right corner of the browser and shows the Google Page Rank of the respective website besides that icon.

You can see how it looks with the additional information in the below screenshot:


When you click the extension icon it will shows some additional information as shown in the above screenshot. It gives

  • Alexa rank number and Alexa traffic graph
  • Google PR and PR bar (like it is showing PR 5 for Internet Techies)
  • Backlinks link
  • Whois link
  • Domain availabiliy for other TLDs

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Why this becomes a great extension for you…

One very important point about this extension is, it is very very light weight and it will not slow down the loading of a website and will not compromise the performance of the fastest browser – Google Chrome as it calculates the data on a separate thread from the main browser. The PageRank and Alexa rank shown by this toolbar do not rely on a third-party website to gather its data, but it directly retrieves this data from Google and Alexa.

And the second not to be missed point for you is, if you are a blogger or a website owner is using this toolbar will improve the Alexa ranking of the websites that you visit, just like the IE Alexa tooblar or the Firefox SEO toolbar does. As we usually open our site most of the times, like when we post an article or to test the uptime or to moderate a comment or just to enjoy its looks while having a cup of coffee, we should be happy that we are contributing to our own Alexa rankings while we open any page of our blog or website. As well, we are helping other potential site holders to get their correct Alexa reflected, because they have the traffic, so they should get the numbers too 🙂

Let me know your feedback on this post as well as this Google Chrome Extension thru our comments section. I have started using this extension on my Chrome, hope it helps me and the web community by a fraction of a percentage.

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