Do you want to have your desktop’s Google Chrome bookmarks available on Android device browser? Of course this will help you in getting all the saved webpages on Android and will save good amount of time. Chrome Sync is not available in Android browser by default, but you can access all the saved or synched bookmarks of Google Chrome on the device.

To access saved bookmarks on Google Chrome, first of all you need to enable “Sync” option on desktop or laptop’s Chrome. Sync the bookmarks with Google Account and then you can have those bookmarks on Android device. Once the sync process is complete, then go ahead and install a free app named ChromeMarks Lite on Android.

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App will ask you to select the Google Account from the phone. Select the account with which you synched the Chrome bookmarks. ChromeMarks will access all the bookmarks and will make those links available on Android device. You can click and open those pages on the default browser on the device.

How to setup Sync on Google Chrome

Go to Settings Menu ==> Options in Google Chrome. Under the “Personal Stuff” tab, you can see “Sync” option. Click on “Set up sync” button and provide Google Account credential to start synching the Chrome data with Google Account.


Bookmark Synchronization is available in Google Chrome to have the same experience on multiple devices. If your Google Chrome is synched with Google Account, you will see the data like bookmarks, apps available on any other Chrome installation after setting up the Sync option with same Google ID. Till the Android 2.3, there is no default option to access Chrome bookmarks in Android device, but with ChromeMarks Lite, it is possible. The free version only works in one way i.e. the bookmarks synched from laptop or desktop will be available on Android but the pages saved on Android will not be synched with Google Account. If you want two way sync, then you will have to purchase the PRO version for $2.00.

Anyway, I think if you have maintained a nice list of pages in computer’s Chrome bookmark then this free app will prove pretty useful. Go ahead and browse your saved bookmarks on Android.

Snapshot of ChromeMarks Lite on Android Device,




Happy browsing.

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