Google provides 15 GB of free storage to backup media files, documents etc. and access the same from anywhere using Google account. If you use WhatsApp on Android smartphone and receive pictures and videos frequently over there, these media files may consume too much of your phone’s memory. In that case, I would recommend to have those files as backup on Google+ (which uses Google Drive as storage) or some other cloud storage service and keep you phone’s memory free to have more media files in future. Google+ for Android offers auto backup of images and videos captured using your Android camera and it also allows to auto upload the media files from other services like WhatsApp.

To enable the Auto Backup feature for WhatsApp received files on Android, go to the Settings panel of your phone ==> Account Section ==> Select ‘Google’ from there ==> Scroll down and select ‘Google+’ option. Under ‘General Settings’ section, Auto Backup option is there. Select ‘Auto Backup‘ to open the settings and options related to that feature of Google+.

Under Backup Settings section on G+ option panel, check the box for the option ‘Back up local folders‘. This option will initiate backup of media files stored in other folders on your Android phone. To restrict the phone to backup these local folders on G+ only on Wi-Fi connection (recommended), you can choose the option under ‘Backup Settings’ section.

Once you enable the WhatsApp image/video auto backup on Google+, these folders will start appearing on your Google+ photos panel and from there you can share the same with others as well.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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