If WhatsApp is one of your primary way of communication with friends, family or even in few cases clients, here is a good news. Now you can share PDF documents with them using the chat service. Earlier we used to ask them to send the file via email or share on Google Drive or iCloud, but now you can directly send receive PDF files via WhatsApp chat window.

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Apart from the document sharing, WhatsApp also got another feature as text formatting. If you like to emphasis on particular text in chat, you can use bold property to highlight the same. Similarly, use italic text to differentiate between two different words. In this article, I will share how to use text formatting as well as how to share documents on WhatsApp.

How to Share Documents on WhatsApp

Android users will see a new option as Document on attachment window of the chat screen. Once you click on the Document icon, you will see all the PDF files stored on your phone. You can share particular document by hitting on the document there.

You can also share multiple documents at a time by holding on one document. Once selected, now you can select another document and share at once.

iPhone users get a new option as ‘Share Document’ under the sharing option. Once you click on that, you get option to share documents using iCloud, Google Drive (should be installed), Microsoft OneDrive (should be installed) and local device folders. If you select formats other than PDF such as DOC, XLS etc. WhatsApp will convert those documents in PDF format and then will send the PDF to receiver’s phone.

Add Text Formatting (Bold & Italic) in WhatsApp

To send a text in bold, you need to put the text wrapped with asterisk (*). For example, to write New Delhi in bold, you need to write *New Delhi* on the chat box. The result will be New Delhi.

Similarly, to put chat text in italic, you need to wrap the text with underscore (_). For example, to write New York in italic, you need to write _New York_ on the chat box. The result will be New York.

With these text formatting available on the current version i.e. v2.12.535, you can expect more such formatting on your chat box. If you see old version such as v2.12.510 running on your Android phone, enroll yourself in testing program of WhatsApp and get an updated version.

Note – Document sharing and text formatting works only if sender and receiver, both are using the latest version of WhatsApp.

How to Check the Installed Version of WhatsApp

Android users can check the current version of WhatsApp installed on he device by following below steps.

Go to Settings ==> Apps ==> Select WhatsApp ==> App Info will show your the installed version of WhatsApp

iPhone users can check the installed version of WhatsApp by following below steps,

Open WhatsApp on iPhone ==> Go to Settings ==> Select About and Help ==> Find the installed version of WhatsApp

I think the document sharing feature will open new door for WhatsApp in coming days. Looking forward to get more awesome features. Did you like these new features on your favorite messaging app? Share your thoughts and features that you like to see in WhatsApp via comment.

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