Earlier I had shared a list of free VPN services to access blocked sites in your country. VPN (Virtual Private Network) does also provide a secure path to browse the Internet as it actually connects you to Internet through an encrypted tunnel. Not only on desktop or laptop, you can also utilize the advantage of VPN on your smartphones like Android and Apple iPhone. It can also be customized to work on Apple iPad and other tablet devices. That means you can connect these devices to Internet using VPN secured and encrypted connection and browse geo-restricted sites in your country.

To understand the advantage and benefits of VPN connection, you can think of the following scenario,

  • Travelling abroad where Twitter and Facebook are blocked
  • Need to send very important data related to your project
  • Need to purchase Apple iPad from Apple.com but can’t do so as shop is not accessible from your country
  • To watch Hulu, Netflix or to listen Pandora, Google Music etc. even when you are getting message that these services are not available yet in your country or “Outside United States”

In such scenarios, a secured VPN connection can connect your device and would allow you to access the restricted or blocked sites by providing an IP address of the country selected by you. For example, you can choose a server from New York, US and get an IP address from New York to connect to a website and access the information.

Now it’s time to do the required setting on your smartphone to access the restricted sites.

VPN connection on Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple products like iPhone and iPad are using the same operating system i.e. iOS. In the below example, I will show you how you can actually connect these Apple product through VPN. I am using Apple iPad with iOS 5.1, you can find the same settings in iPhone as well.

Step 1 – Find a good VPN service provider. You may use a free VPN service where you get limited bandwidth OR you can get unlimited bandwidth and fast connection on some paid or premium services. I am using PureVPN in this example where I am getting unlimited bandwidth and really good speed.

Step 2 – Once you purchase VPN from service provider, you get VPN ID and password from them. You also get a list of servers through which you can connect your VPN. It is recommended to choose a server near by the location of the website that you want to access. For example, you should connect to an Australian server if you want to access a website residing in Australia.

Step 3 – On iPad Settings panel, open the following page

General ==> Network ==> VPN

Step 3 – Click on “Add VPN configuration…” link. A new window will open where you need to choose between three different type of connection: L2TP, PPTP and IPSec.

L2TP – Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, PPTP – Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, IPSec – Internet Protocol Security

Step 4 – If you choose L2TP, you need to enter an extra field named “Secret” to configure the VPN. It is not required in other two connections. You can keep “RSA SecureID” option OFF. Save the configuration

Step 5 – You have configured the VPN connection on your Apple iPad or IPhone. It’s time to initiate the VPN connection. Slide the “VPN” button to turn it ON.

Now you can see a VPN symbol on your phone’s or tablet’s status bar. You are connected to a secured VPN and can access blocked, geo-restricted sites without any problem.

VPN connection on Android phones and tablets

Do you want to have a VPN setup on your Android phone? Read this tutorial to get VPN connection on Android in no time and start a secured and uncensored connection on your Android powered device to explore unlimited possibilities.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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