Apple iPhone 4 – Features, Price, Availability and Review

At much awaited WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs announced Apple iPhone 4. Yes, it is the same device shown on Gizmodo. Here we will see new features of iPhone 4 and will also cover price, availability and will also provide quick review of this latest version of most successful Smartphone i.e. iPhone.


Features of Apple iPhone 4 or iOS4

  • Multitasking – iPhone OS 4 or iOS4 enables the phone for multitasking that means you can browse Internet and at the same time can listen to your favorite music or radio as well
  • LED Flash – Apple added LED flash in iPhone 4 phones
  • Retina Display – Sharper screen resolution with 326 pixels per inch. Much better clarity than the previous phone
  • 9.3 mm thick – According to Steve, iPhone 4 phones are sleekest Smartphones in the market. iPhone 4 is 24% sleeker than the iPhone 3GS
  • 5 Megapixel Camera – Camera part of iPhone 4 is very much improved. Previous phones like iPhone 3GS is having 3 megapixel camera but iPhone 4 is having improved 5 MP camera.
  • Video Conferencing – A second camera added in front to allow users do video calling.

VIDEO – Apple iPhone 4 Introduction

Price for New, Upgrade and Uncommitted Purchase of iPhone 4

For new customers

$199 for 16GB

$299 for 32GB

For Early Upgrade

$399 for 16GB

$499 for 32GB

Without any Commitment

$599 for 16GB

$699 for 32GB

Availability of Apple iPhone 4

Pre order of iPhone 4 will start in a week time. Shipping will start on 24’th June for 5 countries which are US, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan. Shipping for 18 more countries will start in July.


Quick Review of iPhone 4

As Apple’s new iPhone is having lot many new features like multitasking and improved camera, the straight forward review is that Apple fans should go for this. Wireless carrier restricted to AT&T which is a disappointment for people hoping to get updates on Verizon but still the video calling feature on Wi-Fi is awesome. So one can use phone on Wi-Fi to make video call on other iPhone 4 phone. Pricing is also reasonable as iPhone 3G is discontinued and only 3GS and 4 is in market now. Price of 3GS also decreased, so if you want powerful iPhone with awesome features then you should go ahead and spend $199 for 16GB iPhone 4.

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