At much awaited WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs announced Apple iPhone 4. Yes, it is the same device shown on Gizmodo. Here we will see new features of iPhone 4 and will also cover price, availability and will also provide quick review of this latest version of most successful Smartphone i.e. iPhone.


Features of Apple iPhone 4 or iOS4

  • Multitasking – iPhone OS 4 or iOS4 enables the phone for multitasking that means you can browse Internet and at the same time can listen to your favorite music or radio as well
  • LED Flash – Apple added LED flash in iPhone 4 phones
  • Retina Display – Sharper screen resolution with 326 pixels per inch. Much better clarity than the previous phone
  • 9.3 mm thick – According to Steve, iPhone 4 phones are sleekest Smartphones in the market. iPhone 4 is 24% sleeker than the iPhone 3GS
  • 5 Megapixel Camera – Camera part of iPhone 4 is very much improved. Previous phones like iPhone 3GS is having 3 megapixel camera but iPhone 4 is having improved 5 MP camera.
  • Video Conferencing – A second camera added in front to allow users do video calling.

VIDEO – Apple iPhone 4 Introduction

Price for New, Upgrade and Uncommitted Purchase of iPhone 4

For new customers

$199 for 16GB

$299 for 32GB

For Early Upgrade

$399 for 16GB

$499 for 32GB

Without any Commitment

$599 for 16GB

$699 for 32GB

Availability of Apple iPhone 4

Pre order of iPhone 4 will start in a week time. Shipping will start on 24’th June for 5 countries which are US, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan. Shipping for 18 more countries will start in July.


Quick Review of iPhone 4

As Apple’s new iPhone is having lot many new features like multitasking and improved camera, the straight forward review is that Apple fans should go for this. Wireless carrier restricted to AT&T which is a disappointment for people hoping to get updates on Verizon but still the video calling feature on Wi-Fi is awesome. So one can use phone on Wi-Fi to make video call on other iPhone 4 phone. Pricing is also reasonable as iPhone 3G is discontinued and only 3GS and 4 is in market now. Price of 3GS also decreased, so if you want powerful iPhone with awesome features then you should go ahead and spend $199 for 16GB iPhone 4.

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