Smartphones like Apple iPhone and Android phones comes with an option to password protect them. That means you may restrict the access to the phone by adding a passcode and one needs to enter that for opening the home screen. Without the passcode, no one can enter in your phone and use the same. On password protected phone, you are only allowed to dial the emergency numbers like 911 without entering the password. This security feature is available in almost all phones including Apple iPhone.

Now if you want to crack or bypass the passcode of iPhone, how much time do you think it may take. Don’t forget that the iPhone is a product from Apple which is having very much secured operating systems.

A Swedish firm named “Micro Systemation” cracked the passcode of iPhone in just couple of minutes with their own software program named XRY. The same program can also bypass the password of Android phone and breach the security of the phone in no time.

You want proof? Have proof.

Here is a video showing how a guy from the same company used the XRY software to find out the passcode of the phone.

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As per the instruction in the video, he attached the phone with computer using USB cable and on XRY software, he selected the security option. Then he turned OFF the phone completely for 5 seconds and then pressed the Power and Home button of iPhone simultaneously. XRY software started scanning the phone and by the end, he got the passcode of the phone. In this case, it was 0000.

This company is actually works with Police and Military to find out the digital security systems and to encode or decode the same. But as per the procedure shown in this above video, I don’t think it requires that much capability to crack the phone’s passcode with software provided.

Recommendation for Strong Password

It is always recommended to have longer and complex passwords. They are always difficult to crack even with the software like XRY. If you really don’t want anyone to open your password protected iPhone then don’t opt for Simple Passcode of 4 numbers but enter a long and complex passcode.

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