Apple iPad can be charged thru lot many devices and ways. One can charge the battery thru standard charger or USB drive of MacBook Pro or any other OS. But which way is the fastest way to charge the battery of Apple iPad. Gizmodo team executed one test with four different chargers to see which performs best on iPad. You can use iPad on your Car Dashboard as well and charging iPad in these locations really matters.

Apple iPad

Four chargers used were,

  1. Apple iPad Standard Charger 10W
  2. iPhone Standard Charger
  3. Griffin PowerBlock
  4. MacBook Pro USB

After executing the test for charging the device to first 80%, hey came up with the following result. Rest 20% charging takes more time because in that range chargers tries to protect the battery life and doesn’t perform quick charging.

Result of Charging Test on Apple iPad

Charging Device

How long it takes to charge iPad (hours)

iPad Standard 10W charger


Griffin PowerBlock


iPhone Charger – Standard


MacBook Pro USB Slot


Graphical Representation of Result – Lower is Better

Apple iPad Chargers Test Result

Griffin PowerBlock costs around $29.99 on Griffin Shop.

Griffin iPad Charger

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