Lost your iPhone or any other Apple iOS device? Apart from doing a Police complaint, you should follow the security steps that Apple provided with the device to find out the stolen iPhone. It works on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Lost iPhone 5SIn this pictorial guide, I am tracking Apple iPhone 5S and iPad 2 using a free App named “Find My iPhone” which is available on App Store. If using IOS 6+, the app comes installed on OS itself, so no need to install the app separately.

iPhone 5S comes with another security feature – Finger Sensor. It requires your finger to open the locked phone. It helps in not allowing the thief to unlock the device, but to track the same and to find out the location, you need to follow the same procedure mentioned below even for iPhone 5S.

Step 1 – Set-up and Activate “Find My iPhone” on device

This first step is required to do in the device when you purchase it from Apple Store or any other reseller.

On the first use of iOS device (iPhone, iPad or any other), you need to perform the one-time set-up of the phone. Sign in or register Apple ID to associate your purchased with an identification. The same Apple ID will be used for other purposes like iCloud and App Store installations.

Go to the Settings ==> iCloud ==> See if “Find My App” option is ON.


Same procedure for iPad as well.


As the app “Find My iPhone” is ON in your stolen device, it enables you to track it in case of theft. Now proceed with the tracking.

Step 2 – Sign in to iCloud.com using Apple ID.

You can track and control the enabled device using iCloud.com. Open the webpage on computer and login using the same Apple ID your devices registered to.


Step 3 – Open “Find My iPhone” and Select Device to Track

Click on “Find My iPhone” icon on iCloud dashboard.


Step 4 – Find Location of the Device. If nearby or misplaced in your home only, play sound to find

Select the device from the drop down “My Devices” to track. Once selected, a map will show the location of the selected device in background. If the stolen or misplaced device is having some data connection, this tracking tool will show the current location Or will show the last traced location.


Step 5 – Enable “Lost Mode”. Wait for the call and keep tracking

After selecting the device, “Find My iPhone” app on iCloud dashboard will show a control panel on top-right corner with options as,

# Play Sound – An alert sound play on tracked device (in my case iPhone 5S) for 2 minutes once I click the button “Play Sound” on this iCloud dashboard “Find My iPhone” control panel. It may help if someone notices that alert and take further action Or it also works in tracking the phone if misplaced in the same room.

# Lost Mode – If you are sure that you left the phone somewhere (probably in a  bar), this mode will help you. Once you enable the “Lost Mode” by clicking that button on control panel, it will ask you to enter a mobile number where people can reach you. The next screen will ask you to enter a sentence or you may keep that as it is. Click on the “Done” button, and a message will appear on your lost phone even if that is in locked status as,

“This iPhone has been lost. Please call me. #YourNumber”

If someone found the phone, he/she can call on that number even if the phone is in locked status.

# Erase iPhone – Final assault. Using iCloud dashboard and Find My iPhone app, you can erase the complete data on the stolen device in one click. It will erase all your stored email, installed app etc. from that device.


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Finally – Erase iPhone Data


Find My iPhone and iCloud needs Internet Connection enabled on the device to track it. Either the cellular data connection or Wi-Fi is required to track it properly. In case the device is not on-line, you may also contact your mobile connection service provider to find out the location of the device.

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