On March 2, Apple launched iPad 2 which is the next version of original iPad launched in 2010. For new buyers, iPad 2 is no doubt the best available tablet (real tablet experience) in the market but if you own the original iPad, then should you upgrade to the new one? From March 11, Apple will start shipping iPad 2 and many of you might be considering to upgrade your current iPad. Apple iPad 2 is much lighter, faster and thinner than original one but still I would not recommend to upgrade from the iPad 1.

Apart from the dual camera, I don’t think there is much to appeal the current owners of iPad. Here are 10 reasons which I think will help current iPad owners in decision making for upgrade.

Should you Upgrade to iPad 2? Consider these before any decision

1. Original iPad is not very slow – I don’t think iPad is very slow in browsing web and even for playing Angry birds. Normal apps really work fine on original iPad.

2. 15% weight difference doesn’t matter much – Original iPad is 15 lbs and the iPad 2 is 1.3 lbs. I don’t think you need to invest time as well as money for this much factor difference.

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′] 3. Not much design changes, thickness is no issue – The new iPad is 33% thinner than the old one. Alright, iPad 2 will look slim and stylish, but even original iPad is also very stylish and comfortable for carrying as well.

4. iPad 2 is evolution not revolution – People were expecting some kind of revolution again from Apple. After seeing the current competition from Android and Windows Phone 7, it was expected that Apple will come up with some revolution (again), but now it seems that the revolution will come with iPad 3.

5. Battery life is same – There is no change in the claim of battery life. Spec of original iPad states the battery life of ~10 hours and so is the iPad 2.

6. iPad is still not outdated – Even there are lot many tablets available in the market, there is no real competitor for Apple iPad yet. So you can say, it is still not outdated. Motorola XOOM was considered as real competitor but the price set for XOOM will stop that claim as well.

7. Newly launched apps works fine – Yesterday at iPad event, Steve revealed two new apps named iMovie and GarageBand. These two apps and other thousands of app also work fine on original iPad.

8. For FaceTime, I have iPhone – If you are thinking about FaceTime feature in new iPad, then I would suggest you to go for iPhone 4 which is also having the FaceTime feature and wait for iPad 3.

9. No USB port, SD Card Storage – People were expecting that the new iPad will come up with a USB port and SD storage option. But these are not there in iPad 2.

10. Price Factor (Real Loss) – Even the new iPad is priced at the same price as original iPad, once you will sell you current one and go for the iPad 2, you will loose at least $200+ in between. Do you think that much investment is worth for this upgrade. I think that is a real loss of time and money. i would suggest to utilize the iPad at its full and enjoy your current Apple product which is still a revolution.

Steve Jobs told that “Year 2011 is of iPad 2” that means the iPad 3 is not coming in 2011. If that is coming in 2012, you can expect retina display, in-built HDMI out and much more.

I would suggest current iPad owners to wait for iPad 3 which will be the real revolution again. There is no need to upgrade to iPad 2 unless you are a big fan of Apple’s new products and always choose to get hands-on new products and design by them. There is not much for current owners but at the same price, it is a really good tablet for new buyers.

Note: Outside US, the Apple iPad 2 will be available from March 25.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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