GPS TrackingSmartphones are costly and loosing them at any point of time because of some accident is really sad. To keep track of your device’s location, you can use GPS Trackers. Most of the Smartphone users have data plan on their mobile device and if you are a BlackBerry user, you must have lot many critical data like emails, notes etc on that. You can keep an eye on the current location of your BlackBerry or iPhone thru GPS Tracker developed by InstaMapper. 

GPS Tracker is an application which you need to install on your BlackBerry or iPhone and then you can see the location of the device on InstaMapper’s website. There are lot many application available for the same purpose but most of them are paid. But this GPS Tracker is a free application.

GPS Location Tracker for BlackBerry

BlackBerry GPS Tracker 

Why Should You Install Tracker on Smartphones

  • As I told earlier, they are costly
  • Have too much critical information and data
  • Having Data Plan, so GPS Tracking is possible
  • Application installation is easier thru App Library

How to Install GPS Tracker on BlackBerry

  1. Go to BlackBerry App World and search “GPS Tracker”
  2. Using Your BlackBerry, Download the App from App World
  3. BB will install the same without any problem
  4. Now go to the and register yourself.
  5. After the email verification, you will be provided with 13-digit number which you will have to enter in your BB App options
  6. Copy the 13-digit number from InstaMapper and type that on BlackBerry GPS Tracker App
  7. Set the options as “Auto-Start on boot”
  8. That’s It. Done!

If your phone is having a data plan from your service provider, you can see the location of your device on your page of InstaMapper. It will show you the location of the device on a map. This app is available on iPhone App World as well.

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