pdf on blackberryBlackBerry users knows about the frustration of not able to open PDF files on their device. To do the same, they need to purchase paid apps but here is a solution to open and read PDF files on BlackBerry without paying anything. Yes, by using this solution, you can read PDF files on your BlackBerry phone for free.

Simple Steps to Open and Read PDF files on BlackBerry for free

1. Install BOLT browser on your BlackBerry. This is a free app available on BlackBerry App World. Here is the link for BOLT browser,

Get BOLT on BlackBerry

2. I am assuming that the PDF files is stored on your BlackBerry phone. If not, then you can email the PDF file from your computer to your email ID and then save that PDF attachment on your BlackBerry memory or SDCard.

3. Open BOLT browser and type “http://viewer.zoho.com” in the address bar to open the link.

4. Locate your PDF file store on BlackBerry by clicking “Browse” button the screen

Locate PDF on BlackBerry

5. On Zoho Viewer, you can set expiry for the PDF file. Expiry day is the expiry for the link created by Zoho for that particular PDF file. URL created for that particular PDF file is very exclusive one and difficult to guess as well. So you can feel secured about your document if you don’t want to share that with any other people.

Zoho Viewer on BOLT browser on BlackBerry

Here is an opened PDF file on BlackBerry Curve phone,

PDF file opened on BlackBerry

Note that this is just a viewer and you can’t edit PDF files using this platform on BlackBerry. There are paid apps like PDF To Go to get more access of PDF files. But you can use above steps to open and read PDF files on BlackBerry without paying any money to app developers.

Important Note: Zoho Viewer doesn’t work properly on BlackBerry browser as well as on Opera Mini browser. I tried to open a PDF file using above steps on them but didn’t work. So you will have to use BOLT for that purpose.

Share your experience of using above solution and also share if you have any other trick to open and read PDF files on BlackBerry devices like Curve, Bold etc. for free.

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