Even when Apple IPhone and Android is tasting so much success in general, World leaders are still using BlackBerry phones. The reason is the security provided with the BlackBerry phones. As we all know that BlackBerry phones send and receive data in encrypted form through the dedicated servers of RIM. It is almost impossible to hack and crack the BlackBerry data and information of a user. In other phones like Android and iPhone, this particular service is not available from the manufacturer. As the data and information security is the most important thing for world leaders, they don’t want to compromise on security for few more features.

Here is the list of top 10 world leaders who use BlackBerry phones.

1. Barack Obama, President, United States of America

2. Joe Bidden, Vice President, United States of America

3. Eric Cantor, Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

4. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

5. Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska

6. Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas

7. Elizabeth II, Queen of Commonwealth

8. David Cameron, Prime Mimnistre of United Kingdom

9. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Union

10. Dalai Lama

You can see the list and other security features about BlackBerry phones in the below attached graphics.

Thanks to GeekaPhone for creating this graphics.

Update – America’s President Barack Obama has switched to Apple iPhone 4.

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