Blogger is evolving day by day and now you can create own template for blogs on Google’s blogger. Google added a Blogger Template Designer for its blogging platform; Blogger. Blogger is a free blogging platform where millions of blogs are running with domain name as If you are having a blog over there, then you can design your template by choosing some nice fonts and color combinations.

Blogger - Free blogging platform by GooglePreviously, some pre-designed theme templates were available under the dashboard of Blogger. People who are familiar with CSS and HTML used to do some code changes but now you don’t need programming skills to create blogger template. You can directly make changes in your theme template by using blogger template designer.

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How To use Blogger Template Designer

1. Open Google homepage and sign in with your Google account which you use to maintain blog on blogger

2. Now go to “Blogger Template Designer” page and start editing the template

3. To edit a template, you can choose a pre-designed template from the listed thumbnail.

4. Using the left panel of BTD (blogger template designer), you can change the background image and layout. Layout changes like left sidebar, one or two sidebar, no sidebar etc can be done. You can also customize the layout of footer and adjust the width of template thru layout changes option.

5. If you want to customize the font, color for Blog Title, Post Title, Body, Tabs, Footer etc, you can use “Advanced” option available on BTD.

6. Once you are done with the changes, you can choose to “Preview on existing blog” or “Apply to new blog”. I would recommend you to see the preview before applying your changes so that you can again come back and make appropriate changes.

Here are some screenshots of Blogger Template Designer (BTD),

Blogger Template Designer

Advanced options of BTD on Left Panel

Blogger Template Designer

Did you like the options available on Blogger Template Designer for theme customization? You may shoot your queries related to BTD over here as well.

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