DreamHost is one of the best web hosting service provider and that’s why lot many leading bloggers and website owners trusts DreamHost for their blog or business website. Now here on Internet Techies, We are offering unbeatable $60 Discount Code on New Web Hosting Account on DreamHost. Here are some details based on personal experience of using DreamHost.


Features In DreamHost Web Hosting Account

Here is the features list taken from DreamHost only. You can go thru the list and check whether it is suitable for you. DreamHost also provides 97 days money back guarantee period for your satisfaction.

dreamhost_features dreamhost_features

Important Points Taken From Above features:

1. Unlimited Space: You can start a professional blog or your business website without worrying about space crunch. This unlimited space means you can go ahead and upload/FTP any amount of images, flash, scripts as well as downloadable files.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth: You need to just focus on link building and traffic generation for your blog or website, when your blog will start getting traffic, this unlimited bandwidth will never let your blog page down.

3. MySQL And PHP Support: Most of the latest websites are dynamic and each blogging platform is dynamic as you need to post an article and that will appear on your blog page. That happens because of PHP and MySQL. Data gets stored in database i.e. MySQL and then PHP retrieves that data and throws on your blog page. There is full support of PHP and MySQL on DreamHost.

4. One Click Installation Of WordPress, Shopping Cart, Forum etc.

5. Linux operating system on Server, which means no need to worry about virus and other threat as they never happens on Linux platform.

6. Email, POP facility. Create email IDs with your domain name and start branding your domain name thru those email IDs

7. $75 Google Adword Credit thru which you can start advertising about your domain on Google Search pages and on blogs or website which uses Google Adsense. This $75 will come with your DreamHost Subscription.

8. Availability of Software on DreamHost is unlimited. You can install Wiki, PHPBB, Jabber Chat, Picture Gallery, Moodle, Classifieds and many more with single click.

Cost Calculation With Discount Code

Charges For Hosting on Dreamhost: $9.95 per month (For 1 Year)

$9.95 X 12 = $120 (~)

Cost of Hosting For One Year = $120

Use Discount Code as P7Q7 and get Discount of $60, So net payment for Hosting,

$120 – $60 = $60

By using discount code as P7Q7, Now your web hosting cost reduced by $60 and now it is approximately $60 for 1 year.

Out of which you are getting a free domain worth $10 for 1 year and you are also getting $75 as Google Adword Credit to your account thru which you can advertise on Google Adsense program, So now your net investment would be,

$60 – $10 – $75 = – $25

Yes, Now you are getting to the point. Actually you are getting back everything invested by you if you uses the discount code (P7Q7) at the time of enrolment for the web hosting account on DreamHost.

Calculation is very simple, and of course it is in favour of you. But the most important thing is service and experience of using web hosting account. Believe me, You will get return for every penny invested by you.

So what are you waiting for, If you are serious about Web hosting for your website or blog and planning to have a secured and reliable web hosting account then go ahead and use DreamHost.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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