[Update – Facebook Terms and Conditions doesn’t allow embedding HTML in profile sidebar, but still you can install IFRAME HTML on Facebook Fan Pages for branding and advertisement. Checkout the tutorial on how to show custom HTML, Image and even Video on Facebook Page]

Most of the people who uses Internet are active on Facebook for social networking. If you are active on your blog and other social networking sites as well then it is always useful to provide image icon, link or text related to them over Facebook profile. You can provide Twitter icon and the link to make your Facebook friends your follower on twitter. This way you can spread your social links as well as blog link on Facebook and attract more traffic from there.

To do this, you need to paste some HTML code on your facebook profile page which will have <img> tag, <a> tag, or some texts and that should appear on profile. There some applications on Facebook to write HTML code and then move those codes to profile sidebar. Take a look at some of them,

Note: You can see the link images of my blog, twitter account and other social media provided on my facebook profile page at left sidebar on below image.


1. My Box

It is a powerful WYSIWYG editor for HTML in Facebook applications. You can edit the box by adding your blog’s logo, Twitter Icon, YouTube Videos and other profile icons and then link them. You can directly add HTML code over there and then check the preview. My Box is a free application on Facebook where you can easily create a HTML box for your profile and then embed that on your facebook profile.


2. My Info

Only HTML editor without any WYSIWYG where you can paste or write HTML codes as per your choice and then show that on your facebook profile. My Info is better option for those who are familiar with HTML and CSS otherwise go for My Box.


3. My HTML

It is similar to My Info but it doesn’t have Narrow and Wide box option which actually adds a div for width of the box. If you are planning to add HTML code in your Facebook Box then that should have more width i.e. wider but If you are planning to have HTML on profile page in sidebar then that should be narrow. This width feature is provided in “My Info” editor but is missing from My HTML.

To implement the newly created HTML box for your own, just go for editing your installed applications and then edit the application setting from there. If you are using My Info, then click on Edit Setting for My Info in your installed applications. Add the application on “Box” and then enter in your Facebook Box on Profile Page of Facebook and then move the HTML box from there to Profile page in Sidebar.

I can proudly say that once I added the HTML links of my blog, twitter account and other profiles, I got more numbers on followers and more hits on Internet Techies.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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