gold People choose to work from home because of two reasons: By Choice or By Force. In any of the both scenarios, if you want to be productive, efficient and profitable while working from home then follow the below explained golden rules.

I used to write technical stuff as Software, Reviews, Google etc over here but this time I thought to share my experience of working from home. When I left my job last year and started working from my home office, I never thought it would be so difficult and it took me couple of months to get stable and productive while working from home. That’s why I can say these rules are straight from my heart; Follow them and you will definitely succeed.

Rule #1: Freedom With Responsibility

Its true that you are working from home but for being productive, you should always feel the pressure of completing a task within a defined time. You get freedom of working hours but that also brings a responsibility. “Freedom with Responsibility”  will let you come up with new ideas and then only one can succeed. Rule #1 is applicable for everyone, but the importance of this rule is higher in case of working from home.


Rule #2: Learn To Say “No”

When you work from home, you face many challenges to be focused and concentrated at work. You can’t give so much time to your free neighbor or family from your working hours. If you will start saying “Yes” to everyone including family, friends, neighbors then it will become hard to find some time for your work. Yes, we are talking about a quality time.

You will have to say “No” to many things and the first step towards this initiative would be to apply a “Don’t Disturb” board at your home office door.

Rule #3: Restrict Your Social Communication Medium

Social Media is a very fast way to make friends, community online so that you can build a good PR but if you are spending so much time on Facebook, Twitter or IM then it will become difficult for you to provide a focused time to your work. Social Communications is very important, but divide that time in such a way that you will find your followers or friends in that period and you will be available for them in that particular range only. First of all try to complete your basic tasks, then only go for PR.

Rule #4: Follow A Policy At Home

A good company always have a good policy. Since you are working from home, it doesn’t mean that you are free to follow anything at any point of time. Reason behind this limit is as you are free to follow any rule but your clients expectations and the way of their work is not going to change. You should always follow a policy related to Documentation, Working Hours, Legal Papers, Payment etc. First of all try to figure out the way you want to build your business and the way you are going to work from home; then you will definitely come up with a policy related to that.

Dress Code is a part of policy and many people prefer to be well dressed while working from home. They want to make them feel that they are not casual but working hard and smart to achieve their goals. Believe me, it helps.


Rule #5: Show-Off Your Punctuality At Work

Discipline is the key to success when you are working from home. Always try to create a good impression to your clients by being online and available from the start of your working hours. Be punctual to your work and first of all start your all medium of communication, such that Skype, IM, Outlook etc on your computer.

Always respond to every mail on time and try to answer every call. If you travel a lot then use Voice Messaging service on your phone or divert your call to your cell phone. Try to send status mail to your client on hourly basis or daily basis. Always try to convince your client that you are on your desk and working for them.

Rule #6: Its Time For Gym

Fitness is essential when you are working from home. Not only physical fitness but Mental fitness as well. Since you are the only person working for your firm and if your are getting sick for many times then it will affect your profit margin and client relationship.

Go to gym and workout for at least 30 minutes and try to concentrate on that in that time period. Take a shower and spend some time with your family.

Rule #7: Connect With People And be Ready To Be Connected

Use as many ways as you can to be connected with people. Try to upload your videos on YouTube or some other portal and present yourself as a guy who wants to be connected and who spend a lot of time on Internet. That will make people think that you are available at any point of time within your working hours.

Rule #8: Know Your Limits

Always define your working hours. As you are working from home and you want to spend a quality time with your family as well, then you should know your limits for work as well as family. Don’t answer a phone when your working hours are completed. You should go to bed on time so that you can start working on the next day at your defined hours.

Always create a spreadsheet of your actual working hours and match them with your goals. Don’t extend your work otherwise it will affect you on the very next day.


Rule #9: Its Time For A Break

Divide your work in small parts. For example, I work for one and half hour and then take a break for 15 – 20 minutes. It is good for a productive and creative mind otherwise it will become monotonous to work and you will not be as productive as you are. Always take a break for 15 – 20 minutes and do something other than your work. Make Coffee, Clean You Home Office, Arrange files etc and again join your work after that.

Rule #10: Oh My God, It really Motivates Me

Put some pictures near by your desk or on your desktop which motivates you and tell you that you don’t have to worry about the results. Results will automatically come to your way when you will work harder and smarter. Be consistent and be productive. That’s the mantra.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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