If you are planning for a blog competition or already started that then here are some popular ways to find out the winner randomly. Most of the bloggers or competition organizers uses these portal for doing the same. These web applications are having lot many options for different needs like Number Randomizer, List Randomizer or Random Password Generator and many more.



1. Random.org

Random.org is is nice service where you can provide a list of competitors or go for a random number assigned to each participant. Once you will click on “Randomize”, it will provide you reordered list so that you can have the winner as the first name in the list.


There are other options also available in this web application. 

2. Raffle King

Raffle King is really cool. Here you have to provided names separate by comma and then it will provide you a single name out of the list as winner. Try this, you will definitely enjoy.


3. Randomizer

Popular randomizer web application to get a random number. Simple but effective in picking a winner for a competition hosted on blogs and websites.

randomizer There are other text tools as well which can be used for getting random text from the list provided by you. This will make your life bit easier at the time of winner announcement on your own blog.

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