Google News is a section of google where latest news, updates comes. Google shows these updates on Google search result pages (SERP) and huge traffic comes to the site of which the link are. To include articles from your site, you need to submit the URL of your site to Google and then some associates from Google will do the verification and approval. Once your site will be included in Google News, results and exclusive posts from your site will appear on Google News and on first page of Google Search as well.

google news submission

Where to Submit Site URL for Approval?

To submit a site, you need to answer few question on this page. Keep filling up the options on the page to include you site.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Submission

  • Your site should be an established site with lot many content
  • Individuals who are running single handed blogs should not submit as Google News is for Organizations. If you are running multi author blog then you can submit and get approval from Google
  • Your site should have some unique coverage
  • Good amount of frequency of posts per day. Site should get 4 – 6 posts a day
  • Detailed Privacy Policy and Disclaimer should be present on site

If you think that your site is fulfilling all the above mentioned points then go ahead and submit the request by using the link provided above.

Google News is a good source of traffic for lot many news sites and blogs. If you are really good at networking, blogging, news coverage. recent development coverage etc, then go ahead and include your site on Google News and start benefitting from that. Wish you all the best.  

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