office_logo You can post an article on your blog using Microsoft Word. Whether your blog is on WordPress, Blogger, Live Spaces  or any other platform, it doesn’t matter. You can manage more than one account on your Microsoft word and start publishing the post from there. We have already discussed the Windows Live Writer to post an article on blog but this is very simple way to publish an article on blogs.

I tried on Microsoft Word 2007 and that’s why the below screenshots are from that only.

First of all you will have to pick a blog post template (default) and then start with the Account Management. Step by step process for doing so is explained here,

  • Click on the “Home” button of Microsoft Word 2007 and choose a new template. There you will see the “New Blog Post” template beside the Blank template.

Blog Post Template on Word


  • After selecting the template, click on the “Create button” on the same window to go to the template page of the blog post. In between, Word will ask you to register the blog account first. Skip that part by clicking “Register Later”.


  • Now you are on blog post editor window where you can write the post title and the content on the template. You can see the options on the header bar as “Publish” and “Manage Accounts”. Click on the “Manage Accounts” to register your blog here. Whether your blog is on WordPress, Blogger, Live Spaces or any other platform, it doesn’t matter for word. You can register any platform blog and start publishing the posts from here. Click on the Manage Accounts and then New account,

Post Editor screen on Microsoft Word


Manage Accounts Window on Microsoft Word


  • Register your account on Microsoft Word and then click on the “Publish” button to publish the content on your blog from Microsoft word. It will post the article written on the template on your blog.

As we have already discussed that the “Remote Publishing” (XML-RPC) option in your wordpress blog should be checked to publish the content using external resource. You can find that option in your wordpress blog under “Settings / Writing” tab.

Go ahead and start publishing blog posts from the very simple tool : Microsoft Word.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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