Blogging is an art and so is body building and be in shape. There are lot many similarities in daily blogging and daily workout at gym. I will provide you some of my insights about “Professional Blogging As Exercise” when I started some workout at local gym.

blogging_workoutHere I have summarized and compared two activities in my life and found that the skills required in both cases are very similar and that’s what push me to do daily workout. Some of the common skills required for Blogging and Workouts are as below:

1. Need More Than 100% Determination

In initial days of your daily workout, you may feel that why are you putting so much effort when your friends are partying or enjoying the day in different manner. Same thing will go in your mind in the initial days of blogging when you are not getting anything out of your blog and just writing couple of posts on day to day basis. At that time my, those who have more than 100% of determination in mind, they only get the best out of both the scenarios. Determination in your mind is the pulling force for these activities.

2. Be Consistent, Never Miss A Day

Oh no, Not again. I don’t want to go for the gym today but will continue from tomorrow onwards. For sure. I know, many of you have gone thru this situation in life and we always postpone these activities by saying that they don’t need effort on each day. And the end result is, we stop doing that after sometime. Whether you are going for daily workout or blogging seriously on your blog then do it regularly otherwise there are lot many hurdles which may stop you in achieving success on professional blogging.

Amit Agarwal says that his blog “Digital Inspiration” is like his child and it is very important for him to feed that regularly otherwise that will become painful for his blog.

This thought is true for every blogger who wants to achieve long term results thru their blog. So being consistent is necessary for both the field of work whether you are blogging or working out in a gym.

3. Patience Is the Key

You will never get a shape of your choice in a single day and nor will start monetizing with the same pace. You need patience to achieve the best result in both the cases. Need to perform daily without any expectation. After certain time period, you will start seeing the results in different ways. You will start feeling lighter and will start earning based on your initial efforts.

4. Try Different Things To Get More N More

Lot many low calorie foods, shakes, high protein diets, you try many things to get in shape as per your plan and for that you try different things. Some friend will refer you other brand or some other friend will suggest for simple food. Same is the case with blogging where you try to build content, relationships, applications and many more to get attention of visitors. You try lot many things and of course some of them click your way.

5. Work Hard – Sometimes Even Harder

Bloggers really work hard to achieve what they achieve after a long time of effort. Same is the case with daily workout, you will have to really work hard, without getting frustrated. Actually you start enjoying after certain time of period.

6. Just One After Reaching The End For Day

In body building, your coach will suggest that go for one more repetition when you start feeling that you can’t do more. That will add double impact on your body stamina. Same is the case with professional blogging, where you should add one more post whenever you start feeling that you can’t do more. Some bloggers really work hard and build around 5 to 6 posts each day on their own. Number of posts on their blog will of course be a reason for getting maximum traffic after some point of time. So go for one more after reaching the end.

7. Be Confident – Look Into The Mirror

Bloggers should be confident on their work and content build on his own then only he can promote that on Internet, Social Network and with Followers. If you are confident enough to express your feelings and knowledge then you will see that the presentation made by you will make a good impact on your audience. In body building or daily fitness, you need to be confident. On day one, you will see lot many people with six or eight packs working out in the same gym and that might inspire you. But in some cases, new comers start thinking that they can’t get that much shape and at the end they decide to quit. To get the best result, you will have to be confident on whatever topic you have selected and started writing then only you can succeed on professional blogging.

8. Look At The Long Term Goal


As we talked earlier that in both the cases, results will start appearing after a long time period. Most of the bloggers started earning after 1.5 or 2 years of regular blogging. Set your long term goal (not for 2 year but for 6 months) and start tracking that only. Don’t expect yourself to perform 200 repetition on day one or building 100 posts on day one. Keep doing the same in smarter way and one day you will achieve your long term goal.

9. Don’t Hesitate To Go For Maximum

Once you will keep coming on your gym and keep doing your exercises, the stamina of your body will start increasing. Now you are on next step of daily workout and you should be ready for that. You can’t go for Standard 1 when you have cleared that. Same is the case here, and you should go for the next step without any hesitation. Go for 10KG of weight when you are done with 7.5KG, Go for 200 repetition when you are able to do 150 without any problem. Then only will start getting a good shape. Same is the case with blogging where after certain time period you will have to start expressing yourself in different seminars, blogging camps or you can start doing guest blogging on other settled blogs. Start experimenting new things on your blog like Live Stream or Interviews. That will really help you in many ways.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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