Windows Live Writer is an awesome tool for professional bloggers and strongly recommended desktop authoring tool. Earlier we covered a “Windows Live Writer – Complete Guide” covering installation and usage and here I am going to share a very small but useful tip to carry or share your saved or published posts. In case you are already using Windows Live Writer for your own blog or any other blog for which you are a guest author or permanent author and you need to format your current system or change that then you should take backup of your posts so that you can modify them or published the draft afterwards from new system. We earlier covered a backup tool for WLW but that is not much reliable. Or there may be a scenario where you want to send the Windows Live Writer post which you have written in proper format for any other blog to the admin of that site then you can send the Post File (.wpost) to him. Or if you are moving to some other place and want to carry the post file with you so that you can use any other system to post publish that file then you can use the below mentioned tip to do the same.


Location of Windows Live Writer Post Files

There are two different status for a particular post on Windows Live Writer. Either the post will be in Draft status or Published or both. That’s why WLW maintains two different folders for these two statuses. Below is the location of these folders on your computer.

My Documents ==> My Weblog Posts

Here you can see two folders named as “Drafts” and “Recent Posts”. In these folders, you can see the posts saved as .wpost files. Now you can take a copy of these files and carry them with yourself or you can send any file to some other person. You can take backup of these files and restore them after re-install on formatted system so that you will not loose any draft or published post. 

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