Lot many people start blogging these days but most of them stop doing that within 120 days. People think that they will start earning thru their blogs within a couple of month or they can write stuffs without any issue for lifetime but believe me it is not so easy. You really need a huge determination in your mind to read and share something consistently or you should choose other available options of money making. If you are having that determination in your mind then go thru the below outlined 10 tips for successful blogging and you will definitely build a powerful blog with lot many visitors.


1. 3 Days Demo For Selecting Niche or Topic

People choose to write or copy what most of other bloggers are doing. For example, most of the bloggers choose to write about different software reviews or products but you only choose that topic which interest you. Think about it for a couple of day or may start writing about the same on your notebook and see whether you keep doing that for 2 to 3 days. You should always perform this 3 days demo before selecting a topic. If you feel that you are not consistent with the topic (Believe me, it may happen with your favorite topic as well)  then leave that and go for other one. 

Always take time before selecting a good niche or topic for your blog because you have to write about that for your blog’s lifetime.

2. Distribute The Topic In Different Category

Once you will select he niche of your interest then distribute that into different category. Before selecting a niche or topic, always think to cover a wider area such as Technology or Search Engine Optimization or Social Media etc. This way you will have lot many option to write about. These broad topics should be spitted into smaller parts to cover them in a better way and it will also be easier for the navigation on your blog.

3. 15 Days Trial On Blogger

Its time for investment. Since you are planning to start a blog as a habit or full time blogging profession, but now you will have to invest for web hosting account, domain name marketing etc and I will suggest to start your blog on a free blogging platform “Blogger”. Start your blog on Blogger and keep blogging on that for 10 to 15 days. Write about different categories under your niche and see how it is going over there.

Once you will be satisfied with the progress of your bogging, then go for own domain name, web hosting account and other platform.

Note: Some of the great bloggers are still using Blogger i.e. .blogspot domain name for their blogs and doing very well but we recommend to use own domain name and WordPress for blogging success.

4. Pick A Platform – WordPress

There are lot many blogging platforms available online but we recommend WordPress because of lot many advantages within it.

“Wordpress is having options for more than 90% SEO for a blog” – Matt Cutts

WordPress is having lot many options for search engine optimization. It is having lot many plugins to boost your blog performance on Internet. It is an open source platform where you can make change in the code without any hesitation and optimize it as per you way.

5. Domain Name And Reliable Web Hosting Account

Choose a domain name which is short, simple and relevant to your content and keep SEO in mind while doing that. Domain name should be very much exclusive and should not seems similar to some existing popular domain name. If you are targeting audience from everywhere hen go for .com, .net, .org etc.

Web hosting account is very important for blog or website and hat should be reliable. Some of the popular web hosting providers recommended by us and other bloggers are as below:

Dreamhost – Use the promo code P7Q7 for getting $60 discount on Dreamhost account.



Use any of them to host your blog contents and always keep in mind to take backup of your content on daily basis.

6. Consistency In Content Building

You will see the common sentence at so many places on Internet that “Content is the king”, but for bloggers I will say “Consistency in content building is the king”. If you are writing about a topic on your blog then try to be consistent with your blogging frequency. GO for 2 – 3 posts per day or may be more and write daily.

7. Time For Some Tools

Google Analytics is one of the most used and nice tool for web analysis. Use that tool for your blog as well to track the traffic so that you can check the source of traffic and some of your best performing articles.

Google Webmaster or Bing’s Webmaster are really nice for submitting your sitemap so that they can easily index your blog’s content and will show that on SERP. (Search Results).     

8. Install Plugins

WordPress is having benefits of plugins. Below listed are some extremely helpful plugins for a WordPress blog:

a) All In One Seo

b) Google Sitemap Generator

c) CommentLuv

d) Wp Super Cache

e) Comment Remix

9. Create A Community Around Your Blog

Show off your blog on Internet to create a community around that. People should post some quality comments on your articles and should be encouraged to join your blog’s fan club on Facebook or Yahoo MyBlogLog.

10. Social Bookmarking

SEO will take time for your blog to route traffic but you can achieve that from Social Networking sites by bookmarking your blog contents over there. Stumbleupon is really good for getting so much of traffic at initial stage of blogging. Digg, Delicious, Mixx etc are for long run when you will create lot many blogger friends after a couple of month of your online presence.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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