Feedburner is one of the most used RSS feed client. I had earlier discussed the complete analysis of feedburner subscription in detail and now you can track the traffic coming to your site by using Google Analytics.

How To Activate Tracking on Feedburner

If you have already created feedburner URL for your blog’s feed then go to the Feedburner dashboard and activate the Google Analytics tracking. To do that, go to “Analyze” tab on feedburner dashboard and check the box “Track clicks as a traffic source in Google Analytics”. Now your blog’s traffic thru feed will appear on Google Analytics dashboard.


Where to check traffic thru feeds on Google Analytics

To track the traffic thru feed, click on the “Traffic Source” tab on left panel of Analytics Dashboard. Under that, click on “Campaigns” link. There you can see the details about traffic coming to your site thru RSS feeds on feedburner.


Traffic Source => Campaign Screen | Google Analytics


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