Mashable is a well known name in blogging and social media. Pete Cashmore is the CEO and founder of this blog and he started this blog as a small initiative from his home town Scotland, UK. Now a days, Mashable is so popular that lot many of use even know the name of it’s other editors and authors like mashableBen Parr. In this interview for Bloomberg Venture, Pete talked about early days of Mashable, monetization sources, breaking news scoop sources, events organized by Mashable, role of social networking and media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc in success of Mashable etc. He also talked about the other initiatives like Job board.

Here are some important points from the video,

1. Mashable’s 80% traffic comes from Google and other 20% comes from Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc.

2. 60% of total revenue of Mashable comes from Advertisements. Rest 40% comes from Job board, Events etc.

3. Pete’s parents were not aware of what Pete is doing at early stage of Mashable

4. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook played important role in success of Mashable

5. He is operating with total 30 employees of Mashable working around the world. Most of them are located in US

6. Mashable is the most profitable blog on web

7. He started Mashable on self hosted WordPress from the first day of his blogging

Here are the interviews split in four parts where Pete Cashmore is talking about all these things on Bloomberg Venture.

Pete Cashmore Talking about Mashable

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