Podcast is another way of sharing knowledge with others. It is an audio-video format of information sharing and to discuss certain topics. If you want to make a professional podcast to publish on sites like YouTube, iTunes etc, then here is some information captured in a video to show you what do you need and how to make, edit and publish podcasts.

Podcast Materials

Stuart Headlem explained different steps of making, editing and publishing podcast thru your Windows as well as Mac computer. He explained that the planning and preparation for a podcast is like building blocks for that. First of all you need to know your audience for whom you are making the podcast or target everyone. You can choose whether you want to create ready script or if you are having depth interest in the subject than you can discuss that live. Important point is that “Don’t give more than 45 seconds to a joke or story in your podcast”.

What do you need for Podcasting

1. Windows, Mac or Linux computer

2. Video Editing Software (List is mentioned below) installed

3. External Microphone for clarity of voice

For editing the video or audio on Windows or Mac, you can use any of the below mentioned software,

1. Windows Movie Maker

2. Camtasia Studio by TechSmith  

3. iMovie on Mac

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                   Learn to use  Annotations on YouTube

Once you complete the editing process on your personal computer, you can publish the video on YouTube or iTunes etc. If you are having your personal blog then you can upload the file thru FTP on your server and play that on site thru media players. You can also use Amazon S3 like clouding platforms to store your podcast files.

Here is some videos by Stuart Headlem related to Podcast. These videos are much older but the basic concept is still the same and applicable in today’s world as well.

Planning and Preparation for Podcast

Recording and Editing of Podcast

Some of the popular podcast publishers and sites are TED Talks, Revision 3, CNET TV etc. Chris Pirillo also broadcast videos on his YouTube channel. You can visit my YouTube channel to watch published videos created by me.

Go ahead and share your experience of creating and publishing videos, screencast, podcast etc.

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