wibiya_logo Wibiya Toolbar is a multipurpose bar which appears at the bottom of the web page and provide lot many options to the visitors. On a blog, we provide separate boxes for Translation, Facebook Fan Page, RSS Feed, Recent Posts, Twitter updates and then options to share the post on different social networking or bookmarking sites. Wibiya Toolbar let you free those spaces for other purposes and accommodate these boxes in single bar which appears at the bottom of the page.


To install the Wibiya toolbar on your blog, you will have to request the access on Wibiya website. Currently they are providing the access on request only. Once you will get the ID and Password on thru email, you can enter into the Wibiya Dashboard. The dashboard will look something like this,

Wibiya Dashboard:


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On Wibiya Dashboard, you can check different stats related to the options provided on the toolbar. If this is your first time login, then the stats will of course be zeroes. Otherwise you can check number of subscribes thru toolbar, Facebook Fan Page views etc.

To edit the Wibiya Toolbar of your blog, go to the “Edit Toolbar” option placed besides the Dashboard. You can choose the theme color combination based on your blog’s theme and then get the code to embed wibiya Toolbar on your blog.

WordPress users may go for the Wibiya Toolbar Plugin to show that on your blog. Download the plugin from Wibiya Page and place it into “wp-content/plugins” folder and then activate the plugin from your blog’s dashboard. Now you can see wibiya toolbar at the bottom of your blog page. I think this is enough to explain what is wibiya toolbar. Now we will look into other important things to keep in mind while installing Wibiya on your blog.

Important things to keep in mind while installing Wibiya

1. Customize it as per your need

2. Check each and every options appearing on Wibiya Toolbar. For example, crosscheck the Twitter link and Facebook Fan Page link

3. Cross check the RSS feed link

4. Go to the favicon and theme combination suitable for your blog.

5. Check whether Wibiya Toolbar is hiding any content, link, copyright information on your page

6. Try this trick to avoid hiding Wibiya Toolbar from YouTube videos or other media

Wish you all the best for getting Wibiya Toolbar on your blog. In last few days, I got lot many questions regarding the Wibiya Toolbar on my bog and that’s why I thought to share it in bit details over here. I hope the information provided here will make your life bit easier. To get other update in your mailbox, kindly subscribe for our newsletter.

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