Cute Profiles : Free WordPress Plugin To Show Vertically Floating Social Profiles

Cute Profiles is a free WordPress Plugin which will bring all your Social Profiles at one location i.e. either left or right side of your blog pages in a well decent floating manner, saving your sidebar or footer space for ads or other important data and widgets. Below are the details related to this plugin, by clicking on each tab you can see that particular detail as well.


Version 1.0.1 Released

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Overview: Cute Profiles is a free and simple WordPress plugin to consolidate all your social profiles at one non-intervening location i.e. extreme left or right of your wordpress blog. The profiles still will remain visible though the visitor scrolls down to the bottom. Some of the important features of this plugin are as below:

1. Choice for Themes and Sizes for the Icons – so select as per your blog theme.

2. Fully customizable CSS

3. No jQuery or any javascript library. Fully CSS based design and implementation. So no header load.

4. Directly enter the URL of the profile page on the Cute Profiles settings page

5. Setting to change the Profile links to dofollow or nofollow

6. Currently 50 different Social Profiles covered, will definitely increase in the future.

7. And the most important, we try to provide the best of our support!

WordPress Version – Requires at least: 2.7

Tested up to WordPress Version: 2.8.4

Author: Tejaswini Deshpande, Sanjeev Mishra



Support Forum:

Changelog For Cute Profiles

Version 1.0.1 (10/12/2009) – Check the details about Cute Profiles Version 1.0.1

1. New – 25 new profiles (including most used profile in Europe)

2. New – Option to choose to display the profile only on screen and not other devices or display it on all devices.

3. Easy navigation added to settings page


This plugin is easy to install like other plug-ins of WordPress as you need to just follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Copy Folder “cute-profiles” from the downloaded and extracted file.

2. Paste it in “wp-Content/plugins” folder on your WordPress Installation

3. Activate the plugin from Dashboard / Plugins window.

4. Now Plugin is Activated, Go to the Usage section to see how to use Cute Profiles.


You can upgrade the plugin to latest version from Dashboard / Plugins page of your blog. Go to that page, and scroll down to “Cute Profiles”. If you are getting a message that “There is a New version of Cute Profiles available, View version details or Upgrade Automatically”. Click on “Upgrade Automatically” to get the latest version installed on your WordPress.

You can also download the latest versions from here and then follow the below mentioned method of manual upgrade,

1. Download the latest version of Cute Profiles from this page

2. Extract and Copy the folder “cute-profiles”

3. Deactivate the Cute Profiles on your blog from Dashboard / Plugins page

4. Replace the Older Folder of Cute Profiles from “wp-content/plugins” folder on your blog installation.

5. Activate the Cute Profiles from Dashboard / Plugins page.

Done! Now you have upgraded the plugin to latest version.


1. If you have selected “Manual Insertion” from the Cute Profiles settings page, then insert the below code in whichever template file you want to display the Social Profiles. Remember to put the code in the php opening and closing tags, if not there.

<?php if ( function_exists( 'put_cute_profiles' ) ) {
     put_cute_profiles();} ?>

2. If you have selected “automatic Insertion”, which is default, then the Social Profiles will be automatically inserted on all the pages which have get_footer in the template file.

3. You can customize the color of the icons normally and on hover. As well as you can customize the size of the icons from the settings panel of the Cute Profiles.

Screenshot: Demo Page


Screenshot: Settings Page

cute_profiles_settings1 cute_profiles_settings2

Video : How To Use Cute Profiles

Notes from the developer within

1. After upgrading to this new version, please clear the cache from your plugins like WP-SuperCache or others.

2. Please note there some changes made to navigation on the settings page, to make the page compact and easy to navigate.

3. Some icons are totally designed by us, as they were not available in any of the icon packs (hope you like them!)

4. The plugin package would feel heavy to some of us, due to size of the folder. But believe me, the size is of various sprite options, i.e 16 x 16, 24 x 24 and 32 x 32. When you would select one, only one of the six sprite and the corresponding CSS is going to load on the webpage, all others will only remain in the plugin folder.

Make A Donation

If you liked this plugin, please consider making a kind donation towards our efforts to adding new features to this plugin and developing other new useful resources.


1. Komodomedia Social Network Icon Pack – for fabulous set of Social Networking icons

2. WordPress Codex – we are always grateful to WordPress Codex whose detailed and flawless guidelines always served as best resource to learn wordpress core and develop the base.

We also express our thanks to all the plugin developers whose invaluable plugins and codes helped us learn how to write WordPress plugins.

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