Pictures taken from Digital Cameras with resolution of 7 MP, 10MP, 12MP must be bulky in size say 2MB or more. If you want to upload them on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr like web portals or social networking sites, then those picture of that much size will definitely take so much time and bandwidth. digital-cameraIf you don’t have problem in reducing the picture size without messing the quality, then you should try compressing those pictures. Actually, 7MP, 10MP or better resolution pictures are actually good for printing, but that much resolution is not required on web specially for casually shared pictures. If you are dealing with 10 or 100 of pictures, you should try batch processing for compressing pictures on one click. Here are some tools to compress bulky pictures and make them easy to upload on web.

When I am saying compressing or optimizing pictures, it involves resizing, lowering quality a bit, converting image formats etc. As you don’t want to lower quality of the image, you can control the options while compressing them. IrfanView is a free tool available to download for optimizing and compressing pictures in bulk or one by one. Once you will install this awesome software, you need to click on “IrfanView Thumbnails” to open a compressing window. Now locate the folder where your original bulky pictures are stored. Now select them by using your mouse. Now press “B” on your keyboard to start compression. You will be provided with some options to resize, change format etc. Select proper options on that window and click on “Start Batch” button.

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Now you can see compressed images in C:\temp folder. You can provide other format as compressed images destination. If you want to optimize single picture and having Internet connection on your computer, then you may try “Image Optimizer” or other options available on web for optimizing pictures online.

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