Do you invest in mutual funds, indices price, stock market etc. and keep an eye on your portfolio? If yes then here is another reason for you to install Google Chrome browser. You can install any of the following listed extensions to get real time information and updates about Mutual Funds, Index of your choice, Stocks, Currencies (Forex) etc.

google-chrome-stock-extensionThere are websites for this purpose where you can go and maintain your portfolio but in that case you always need to keep open a separate tab on browser. Or you move away from your current ongoing work or social media page like Facebook to check your portfolio. But if you are using Chrome extension, you can open the real time information on any tab and get the information without moving from the current tab. And another reason of using extensions on Chrome browser is that it is easier to install as well as uninstall.

So here is the list of Google Chrome Extensions for financial market.

Chrome Extensions for Stock and Indices Price, Forex Rate

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1. Stock Tracker

Once installed, the Stock Tracker badge will appear near to the address bar of the browser where you can the current stock price of the selected stock. You can change the stock from the options panel. To get “Options” panel, right click on the badge and select “options”. Stock Tracker fetch data from Google Finance page.


2. Market Watcher

To keep an eye on stock indices, use this extension. It can show you the current index price of S&P500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones etc. on the browser’s address bar only.

3. eToro Live Markets

Get the live data of the financial market from this extension. For the recent price of major currencies and live global indices, commodities prices are visible through this extension of Google Chrome.

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4. Global Index Watch – Stock Prices

Again, to have global indices current price, up-down graphs etc., you can use Global Index Watch extension on Google Chrome. You can select from the list of 34 countries available in the options panel of this extension to get their indices price.


5. Wikinvest Portfolio At-A-Glance

If you have already invested in few stocks, you can keep any eye on your portfolio using this extension of Chrome. It shows all the selected stock prices at real time and help you keep an eye on your financial market portfolio.

Other than these extensions, you can use Forecastica to predict the stock prices for next 12 days. AppForStockPrices is another extension of Google Chrome to watch real time information and updates from financial market.

For Firefox users, Stock Ticker and StockFox are good add-ons to keep any eye on portfolio and live updates about stock prices, index, currencies etc.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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