If you deal with financial data for home loan calculations, mutual funds calculations, insurance premium calculations or any other purposes then you need an excel financial template having all the formulae in place. So that you only need to put the data on required tab in excel sheet, and your calculation will be done on a single click. You can also opt for some special tips to improve your experience on excel 2007.


Those who are familiar with charts or graphs or formulae, they know the usage of excel in financial domain. I am not a finance expert but a techy who will provide you some nice resources available on web to make your life much easier. Below mentioned resources/websites are having free insurance calculator template, free home loan calculator template, project plans, financial projection, ratio calculator, cash flow valuation, financial history pivot table etc. We have already discussed the usage of pivot tables for report generation.


Resource 1: exinfm


pie-chart This is a portal maintained by Matt H. Evans. He is a CPA, CMA, CFM from United States and having a nice collection of spreadsheets for financial usage. His collections include following items related to finance and excel spreadsheet,

Free Excel Spreadsheets including Risk Analysis, Cash Flow Matrix, Cash Model, Risk Analysis, Financial Charting, Bond Valuation, EVA Model and many more.

General Resources on Excel including CEO Tools, Stock Analyzer, Data Conversion, Decision tools, Master Excel, Financial Calculators, Finance Package etc.

Excel Templates including Business Templates, Financial Templates, Project Management etc


Resource 2: chandoo


excel-formulas-ebook-c2 If you want to learn excel for financial usage or any other purposes then this is extremely helpful. This website is having the potential to convert a layman into an excel expert. You can learn so many aspects and usage of excel related to report generation, tool creation, chart preparation, budgeting and performance presentations, Array formulae, excel dashboard or many more.

Tips provided on this website are really helpful. There were so many times when I went on this portal and found the answers to my questions.



Resource 3: exceluser


This website is having lot many information and updates on excel for business so that you can sustain and survive the recession very well. The products like excel dashboard and excel for BI (Business Intelligence)  is very interesting.

Bonus: Entertainment by watching your favorite YouTube video as a background on excel

I hope, the above listed portals helped you in your business and will make your life bit easier at work. If you liked the article then subscribe the regular newsletter from us to get the updates in your mailbox.

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