Browsers are becoming the most powerful and used application on computers or Smartphones. We are used to open dozens of sites at a time on browser and keep them on different tabs on a single window. But when you reach around 20 tabs, it becomes difficult to keep track of them. Tab Candy is an application developed for Firefox which can organize your tabs in such a way that you can browse any topic on single window but at the same time can keep track of each of them.

firefox tab candy

Tab Candy application is in development phase only and recently its alpha version was released. Believe me, it is much easier to keep track of opened tabs thru this awesome application. What it does is, enables you to organize or group different tabs opened on your browser and keep them bundled under a group. Say, if you have opened webpages related to technology and also opened some pages related to shopping for your son, then you can group those two different sites group by using Tab Candy. It helps you in organizing and bundling the tabs in a group so that if you want to take a look at shopping sites which you had opened, you just need to click on any of the site from that group. Same way you can access all opened sites related to technology.

Demo video showing how to use Tab Candy on Firefox

No doubt, this is going to make every browser development company to re-think on their tab structure. We are hoping that once the final version of Tab Candy for Firefox will release, a Chrome extension for same purpose will also come.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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