You might have got confused with the title which says that this article contains Top MS Excel Game you can download. You have heard people playing a game on PS, Xbox, mobile and PC but who plays games on MS Excel.

MS Excel is one of the most used data collection or management platform used whether you work in a small office or an MNC. When we think of MS Excel, spreadsheets, formulas, rows, columns, data, numbers and functions are the factors comes to our mind.

If you are someone who works at a place where you are not allowed to used any other platforms other Microsoft Office tools or any other office tool. Then these MS Excel games can be the best stress buster for you when you are bored or tired of your work.

We have also published an article on 14 Cool Games to Play on Microsoft Excel you can also go through it if you want more games to download.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the list of  Excel games that you can directly download.

These excel games will refresh your mind with some piece of entertainment for you.

Amazing Free Excel Games to Play in Spreadsheet

Ball Escape-:

In this game, you are suppose to save the character from the balls that are bouncing continuously on the surface.

As you go up in the level number of balls that are bouncing also starts increasing. You need to hit the ball fast and maintain the balance.

Click Here to Download BallEscape (.xls)

Bricks 10

Bricks 10 is a game where you have to save the ball from touching the lower ground by moving the square bricks. Once you hit all the bricks with the ball you are transferred to next level.

Click Here to Download Ball 10 (.xls)


In CrazyBall is one of the amazing excel game you can download. In this game, you have to save the ball from touching the lower end of the space by moving the small rectangular piece of block.

Click Here to Download CrazyBall (.xls)


In Twist game, you have to move the two ball and avoid them from touching with the rotating stick.

Click Here to Download Twist (.xls)

The Package

The Package is a game where you are supposed to unlock bag by guessing the unlock code.

Click Here to Download The Package (.xls)


WaterShare is a game where you have to distribute the water into different jars according to the question asked.

Click Here to Download WaterShare (.xls)

Tennis Game

Tennis game is also an exciting excel game in which you have to dribble the tennis ball with the help of mouse cursor.

Click Here to Download Tennis Game (.xls)

Easy Chess

Easy Chess is a simple game which allows you to play chess on Excel.

Click Here to Download Easy Chess (.xls)

Link Five

In this game, you are supposed to link five pebbles of the same color in continuation.

Click Here to Download Link Five (.xls)


In this game, you have to guess in which hole you will get the gems.

Click Here to Download Brainvita (.xls)


In Shooting, as the name suggests you have to shoot the birds that come in your way.

Click Here to Download Shooting (.xls)


Sonic is one of most popular game in the portable play station. In this excel game, you have to collect points and kill the enemies to pass on to the next level.

Click Here to Download Sonic (.xls)

Insect Collector

In Insect Collector game you have to collect the insect that is flying over the space above the characters. You are provided with there characters with different jumping height at the same time.

Click Here to Download Insect Collector (.xls)

Finger Footy

In this game, you are supposed to stop the enemies to come near you with the help of small white balls.

Click Here to Download Finger Footy (.xls)

Counting Stars

Counting Stars is a game for excel where you are shown with a picture of stars and you have to answer the number of stars that were shown in the image.

Click Here to Download Counting Stars (.xls)

Parking Game

In this game, you have to park the car at the different locations that are provided in the game.

Click Here to Download Parking Game (.xls)

We hope all the above excel game that we have suggested will help you to boost your entertainment in your office when you are bored.

Let us know which excel game you downloaded and which one you enjoyed the most in the comment section below.

In case you have any query or suggestion regarding the article you can also comment down below.

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