airtel_beware Airtel has released a strong message to al of its users to ignore the fraud messages on your mobile phone and don’t try them out. The intension behind such SMS is that you will be asked to call an international number which will cost you so high.


According to Airtel, “an instance has come to notice in one of the circles wherein some subscribers have received SMS of the type -!Urgent! Your number has been selected for a $5,000 prize guaranteed! To claim your prize call +423697497456/ +447024054367.  The above SMS is sent through bulk SMS product and is a type of Premium Rate Service Fraud (PRS) operated by organized gangs. The intent of the SMS is to induce the subscribers to call international numbers as listed above which have very high terminating rates. When the subscriber calls the number he is usually connected to a recorded message and the customer is billed a high amount. Replying to such SMS’s could also result in viruses being downloaded on the subscriber’s phone.”

Here is the screenshot of the disclaimer put on the Airtel website,







Anyway Trai is looking into this matter and will resolve it out very soon.

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