Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 is starting this week in Las Vegas from 6’th Jan 2011. It is expected that this year’s CES will be dominated by Tablets running Android OS by Google. You may also see RIM’s tablet in CES 2011. Some people are also expecting some update on iPad 2 which is ces-2011expected in first half of 2011. It is almost certain that Apple iPad 2 is coming this year, but don’t expect much from Apple in CES 2011 as Steve Jobs will prefer a private show for their company’s updates. Anyway, we will see so many tablets and Android phones in CES 2011. Other than that, some web TV devices are also expected in this year’s CES.

[UPDATE] Active Live Coverage – CNET is live streaming the CES 2011 covering keynote and other updates. Here is the link for CNETLive.

Official website of CES 2011 will definitely have updates on regular basis in these 4 days (from 6’th Jan to 9’th Jan 2011). Apart from that, if you want to watch CES 2011 live online, you may try this link. Crunch Gear is also expected to broadcast CES 2011 keynotes and events thru its TV channel. As Mashable is hosting an award function in CES 2011, so you can expect regular updates from their side as well on these days.

Other than these places, USTREAM will definitely stream couple of live telecast of keynotes and events from CES 2011. Once the event will start, we will post some more links here to update on active links to watch CES 2011 live online.

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