We carry digital camera with us most of the time in holiday session and take snaps of the sceneries around us. Now its time to upload the snaps on laptop or desktop, and need to find the USB cable to do that, and sometimes we end up with postponing the pictures transfer. Now you can add a wireless picture transfer feature in your normal Digital Camera by adding an Eye-Fi memory card.


Eye-Fi Memory Card is a small SD Flash card (similar to the normal memory card for camera) which has inbuilt Wi-Fi thru which the camera can connect with the home network and you can transfer the images/pictures without using any cable. Eye-Fi cards are not very much expansive, you can get an Eye-Fi card of 2GB memory at $56 in Amazon Store.

Insert this Eye-Fi card in your Digital camera’s memory card slot and then power on your camera. Now you can detect the camera in your laptop or desktop network and add that as a device. Then star he transfer process by accessing the camera’s memory card.

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