Till now Printers were used as a static device which needs to be connected to computer to print a job like documents, PDF, Tickets etc. If you are using a Smartphone like BlackBerry, iPhone or any Android Phone and browsing stuff on more than 3.2 Mbps connection then you must have things to print on your Smartphone. For example, if you have just booked a air ticket thru iPhone then you need to get that print ASAP. For that, you transfer the printable document to computer and then using printer connected to that computer, you will print the ticket.

But now HP has started changing the current situation of printers. HP has launched web enabled printers which are having an email ID associated with that and printers are connected to Internet. Whether you can connect printer to Internet by using LAN cable or Wi-Fi. Now to get a print out of your web enabled printers, you just need to send an email to that particular email ID. Printer will receive the email and start printing the document on its own. Isn’t it awesome?

hp web printers

Here is the release note from HP about the Web connected ePrint platform printers,

The HP ePrint platform harnesses the cloud to break down the barriers of distance and connectivity and allow people to send the files they want to print from their mobile devices. From a mom and son printing drawings from an iPad, to an executive on a train sending a presentation from a Palm Pre or BlackBerry® Smartphone to print and pick up at a FedEx Office store, HP ePrint allows people to print anytime, anywhere.

What can be done thru ePrint printers of HP

  • Print from any email device to any new ePrint-enabled printer from anywhere in the world through the new HP ePrint platform
  • Store documents or files in the cloud and print direct when needed;
  • Transform their printers into publishing platforms from which they can customize print apps and schedule timed delivery of content – such as news from msnbc.com and Yahoo! and creative after-school activities from Disney – directly to their home or business printers
  • Manage and customize their full printing experience through the new HP ePrintCenter to enjoy relevant, fun and interesting content that is formatted for efficient printing.

Clouding to Store Documents Online and Print at Convenience

You can store your documents on storage area Clouds and print them whenever you need. These new series of HP printers are having a dedicated touch screen where you can check the stored documents and print them as per your convenience.

Install Apps on Smartphones as well as e-Print Printers

Yes, these printers are smart in nature. They can handle apps on their own. There is no PC required for these printers and you can use your iPad to order printing thru different apps. There are lot many apps available on hp.com, some of them are like Google Calendar, Google Maps, Yahoo Daily Digest MSNBC and many more. You can install these apps on your printer and enjoy printing stuff from these destinations.

printer apps

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Most of these printers are in All In One Printers. Some of the upcoming web enabled HP printers are as follows, with the expected price range,

Web Enabled Models and Pricing

The HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One (expected launch in September) at $199

The HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One (expected launch in August) at $149

HP Photosmart e-All-in-One (expected launch in July) at $99

HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One (expected launch in September) at $299

Video showing Apps on HP Web Enabled Printers

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfagSWX5rVs’]

So what do you think about these next generation printers? Are you excited about having such printer in your home or office?

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