Most of us use Feedburner for subscription and Newsletter management for our blog feeds. Initially you don’t have so many subscribers and if you want show some bigger number in subscription counter then you can do it by following any of the three methods.

Method 1 – Hack Feedburner to Increase the Number

Feedburner is hackable and it can be done in minutes. Sometimes back in 2008, Joop and Patrick of thenextweb figured out a hack for feedburner by doing which you can increase the feedburner count by any number. You need to create an OPML file with the URL of your blog’s feedburner subscription. Then import this file in Netvibes and leave that for a day. Within 24 hrs you will the number of your subscriber increased by that value you provided in the OPML file. In OPML file you will have to repeat the URL for that particular time. Here is the video showing Feedburner hacked.


Method 2 – Ask Unverified Subscribers for Verification

In feedburner many subscribers left the subscription unverified and because of that the subscription number doesn’t include them. You can send them a polite email for verification of their subscription. Believe me, it works most of the time. We had earlier provided a complete analysis guide for your email subscription management. You can use that guide to get the list of unverified subscribers and then send them an email. 

Method 3 – Manipulate the Counter Image

Simple but copied. You can show the feedburner counter of other websites on your own blog. Right click on the feedburner counter and save the image. Now use the IMG tag and provide the URL of your blog’s feedburner address to that. By using this technique, you can show ReadWriteWeb or any other popular site feedburner count on your blog.

24thfloor If you know any other way to increase the number in subscription counter then share that here.

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