Many times we need to show pie charts or graphs related to some relevant data on our blog or websites. Here I will show you 5 ways to get a pie chart or graphs (2D , 3D) etc in minutes and then embed them on your blog in no time. First of all I will start with Google Docs (my personal favorite) thru which you can do lot many things including Pie Chart and graph creation and then embed them,

Google Docs

We all know that spreadsheets can be easily created on Google Docs. So one can insert charts and graphs on Spreadsheet as well, which can be easily embedded into a blog or website. To get the code to embed the chart of graph, Click on Publish option available on the chart to get the code. Now paste the code within your blog post or template to show the chart created on Google Docs. Here is a sample chart created on my Google Docs amount.

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Google Docs Pie Chart

Pie Color

Pie Color is an online application to create pie charts in seconds. You just need to enter the label name, values and then you can get the pie chart based on those values. The output will be an image which can be saved on your server and then you can show that image on your website or blog.

Pie Color

Kids Zone

Kids Zone is having lot many things for Kids. But it is also having a graph maker thru which one can easily create Bar, Pie Chart etc and then embed the image on website. Process is similar to Pie Color.

Kids Zone Graph Maker

Chart Maker

Chart Maker is another web application to create charts. Provide the label name, values and then get the chart within seconds.

Chart Maker

WordPress Plugin – Google Chart Generator

WordPress users can easily embed charts, bar, graphs on their blog using Google Chart Generator plugin. Install this plugin and then stat creating charts from the settings page by providing the values and labels over there.

Wordpress Chart Generator PluginThere are lot many other web application and Plugins to create charts online. For example, you may go for the “Easy Chart Builder” plugin for wordpress or you may go for free chart maker scripts available on Internet. Please let us know if you have any other list of Chart/Graph builders applications.

Other Online Applications to create charts online are: ChartGizmo, Charts, and ChartAll.

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