google_docs_logo Google has started rolling out 1 GB of free storage on Google Docs where you can upload and store files of any type. You can upload a file up to 250 MB on this new Google Docs upload feature. You don’t need to email those files in small parts, now you can directly upload those big files on Google Docs and access it from anywhere. Microsoft is already having SkyDrive with 25 GB free storage and ADrive offers 50 GB of free space.

Google recently announced this new features on Google Docs and now started implementing it. Here is the screenshots taken on Google Docs while uploading a big file,

RAR file Uploaded to Google Docs


MP3 File Uploaded to Google Docs


                                                                                              Image Credit (googlesystem)

If your Google Docs account is throwing error while uploading a RAR or MP3 file then wait for couple of weeks. Google has started rolling out this new feature and it will come into effect on your ID very soon.

You can get more space from google by paying $0.25 per GB per year. Google Docs recently added a feature to download all files in a single click which will definitely help you in exporting data in bulk and take them on a USB drive or local computer.

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