“A Picture is worth a thousand words”, so if you want to analyse your Gmail account for previously done email conversations, then get a graphical / pictorial view of those conversations. This kind of data filtered on basis of Year, Month, No. of conversations etc. will definitely help you in the analysis.

You can get a graphical view of Gmail conversations including particular keyword by installing a small chrome extension gyiGoogle Chrome Extension. Graph your Inbox is such an extension of Google Chrome web browser thru which you can get pictorial view of no. of conversations. You just need to install the extensions which will place an icon beside the Chrome address bar. Now login to your Gmail account and then click on that icon of “Graph your Inbox”. A search box will appear, where you can type the keyword for which you want the graph.

graphyourinbox search box

Now there are few pre-defined keywords (for example) listed on the search window. Like,

  • from : facebook – This will show the graphical view of conversations which came from Facebook.
  • to : some-email-address – will include results for particular conversations or email send to some specific email ID provided in the search box
  • from : some-email-address – Similarly, this graphical view will include details about emails received from particular email ID
  • amazon – This graphical view will include conversations where Amazon word was used.

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This way, you can get graphical view of your conversations from and to any ID.

Now the graph tell you about the number of conversations made in particular month of the year. Generated graphical view includes below mentioned graphs,

  • Conversations by Month and Year (all time)
  • Conversations from current month

Conversations by Yeargraphyourinbox view

Important: Author of this Chrome Extension is a verified author and they says that this extension doesn’t save any data of your email address. No password is saved as well. On the Graphyourinbox site, there is a note saying,

Note: We take your privacy extremely seriously. This extension does not save any personal information and does not send any personal information to any server. It does not request or record your email password. This extension does not modify the Gmail website or your email in any way.

So go ahead and try Graph Your Inbox extension on Chrome to see details which may surprise you. Share your experience of using this extension on your email address.

Download Graph Your Inbox

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